Dealership Success Story: “Communicating With More Customers Results in More Closed Sales”

Mar 14
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Customer Success Story

We get a lot of information from dealerships who use the Kenect platform, and some of the best responses come from customers who use text-to-pay.

During the past year, we have seen revenue more than double on average for businesses who use Kenect for messaging and payments. Customers have gotten familiar with remote forms of payment and expect businesses to offer it.

We found that nearly 90% of all customers would prefer to interact with a business by text, rather than a phone call. Nearly 80% say texting is the fastest way to reach them for purchase and service updates.

We wanted to look at how one dealership in Pennsylvania is using Kenect.

Dealership success with Kenect

This powersports dealer was having issues with communication and payments. They were trying to find a better way to get bills paid, and to keep revenue flowing.

The challenge:

• Difficult to reach customers via phone during work hours

• Struggled to gather consistent online reviews

• Needed website to produce more inbound leads

• Had to ask for credit card information over the phone to collect payments

Kenect solutions:

• Text-enable main business number, begin communication with customers via text

• Text review requests to every satisfied customer

• Install 'Text Us' widget on company website to increase inbound leads

• Use Text-to-Pay to collect payments/deposits

Right away, this dealer found that texting not only helped its customer base, but actually improved the number of leads coming in. They have now sent out more than 12,000 text messages just to current customers delivering updates and answering questions.

They added the ‘Text Us’ button to their website and added 763 inbound leads via text. They are also getting more online reviews and saw a 146% increase in 12 months. With the reviews, the dealership says they are growing their customer base as more people see what they have to offer, and what people are saying.

As for text-to-pay, it has transformed the way the dealership does business. They are now running the platform in both sales and service departments. This is something many dealers are now starting to do. They say customers are responding faster to requests for payments, and they are able to keep revenue flowing.

This is from the sales manager:

"I recommend all dealerships use Kenect. If you're not reaching out to your customers with text message now-a-days, then you're missing the boat. We have all the departments in our dealership running on Kenect. Customers want you to text them."

The manager says they are now running Kenect in every department to help streamline communication and speed up the sales and service experience for the customer.

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