Customer Success Story: Wright's Furniture and Flooring

May 29
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Customer Success Story

Who is Wright’s Furniture and Flooring?‍

Wrights Furniture was founded in 1889 by George W. Wright. At that time many residents of Dieterich were taking advantage of inexpensive land prices in Arkansas and George W. Wright was no exception. In 2017, Wrights expanded to a 6,000 square foot showroom in Robinson Illinois. In 2019, Wrights expanded again to a 60,000 square foot showroom in Taylorville, formerly Jensen's Home Furnishings. Today Wright's Furniture Inc. provides employment for 40 area residents.


Wright’s Furniture and Flooring had a few key challenges:

- Only used phone or email to contact customers and vendors - which took too

much time and effort

- Tried other texting companies and had mixed success - wasn't the right fit for their store

- Customer service needed to improve


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

- Kenect enabled business texting to the store's main business line so they could easily text customers instead of a phone call or email

- Kenect excels in all business texting solutions so it was the right fit for the company

- With texting, the average response time is 3 seconds so they were able to communicate more efficiently with customers

How has Kenect helped set you apart from competitors?

"Kenect sets us apart from our competitors because it makes our customer service so much better. For repairs, we no longer have to send a tech out to take photos and gather information. Kenect expedites the experience so the customer can just send photos and videos of the broken piece via Kenect to get the repair process started.”

How has Kenect impacted your business?

“All of our employees have an iPad with the Kenect app so when an employee is out, another employee can easily step in and read the previous conversation to help the customer. Kenect has been so easy to use and has definitely helped increase our sales by making our customer communication more efficient."


Kenect is Better than the Rest

"We tried other texting platforms and had mixed success - Kenect has been great in all areas"

Influx of Google Reviews

10+ Google Reviews in the first 30 days with Kenect 

Kenect is a Time Saver

“Each employee easily saves over 10 hours a week by being able to text.”

Kenect CSM’s are the Best!

“Having a dedicated Customer Success Manager has been amazing"

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