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Customer Success Story: SWS Marine

Customer Success Story
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Who is SWS Marine?‍

SWS Marine Group is your number one stop for quality service in boat sales. SWS Marine Group specializes in Malibu®, Axis®, and Chaparral® Boats. They also sell pre-owned boats in top condition. Their exclusive care service is proof of our commitment to serve you. Whatever the type of boat or engine you own, you can guarantee SWS Marine Group will provide service right the first time. 


SWS Marine had a few key challenges:

Sales reps had to give out their personal phone number which posed both a time and safety issue 

Email and phone calls weren't effective and emails often ended up in spam folders 

Needed a way to have visibility on employee-customer interactions to follow up on leads 


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

Sales reps no longer have to give out their personal numbers and can feel safe and not be contacted at all hours 

Texts are answered within 3 seconds making communication much more efficient 

With Kenect, leadership can have visibility into customer interactions and help follow up on leads 

Any advice for businesses that want to be successful using Kenect?

"Go all in! Make Kenect part of your day-to-day process. The more you use it the more you get out of it!” - Johnathan Wright, Partner, SWS Marine


Over 10,000 text messages sent to customers in just 6 months

Kenect CSM’s Rock!

"Having one dedicated CSM is amazing. Our questions are always answered quickly and it's so nice to have one go-to person instead of a 50 person support team that takes months." 

Kenect Generates Leads

198 leads generated in 6 months!

Texting is Better

"Our emails were always going to junk so texting is a great way to ensure leads and follow-ups are getting to the right places." 

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Kenect - Reputation Management for Dealerships

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