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Customer Success Story: PAI Medical Group

Customer Success Story
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Who is PAI Medical Group?‍

PAI Hair Transplant clinics are located throughout the United States and Canada and offer a full

range of hair restoration services including Hair Transplantation with our exclusive Multi-Unit Hair

Grafting™, Hair Loss Prevention Treatments or Low Level Laser Treatments for hair loss.


PAI Medical Group had a few key challenges:

  • Getting in contact with patients - no one was answering the phone!
  • Having contacts sync into one place so everyone can work as a team to answer questions
  • No video chat to answer patient's questions


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

  • Kenect implemented business texting so customers responded much quicker
  • Contacts and messages synced automatically into the Kenect system so all employees were able to see patients questions
  • Kenect implemented video chat as another method of communication


All contacts and messages sync into one place for the team to see

“Because of Kenect, our employees can have open communication and work as a team to answer all of our patient’s questions!”

300+ Google Reviews since starting with Kenect

Good reviews help boost our business immensely.”

Saves employees 3+ hours per day

“Kenect has made my job so much more efficient!”

Want to see the full success story? Click Here.

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