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Customer Success Story: O'Hara & O'Hara

Customer Success Story
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Who is O’Hara & O’Hara?‍

The roots of O’Hara & O’Hara L.L.C. were established in Wichita, Kansas, by T.L. O’Hara in 1950. T.L. O’Hara started the family tradition by providing smart, zealous, dedicated, caring, and hardworking representation over 60 years ago. The imprint that was created by T.L. O’Hara over 60 years ago is what makes O’Hara & O’Hara L.L.C. successful today. Their experienced lawyers represent clients in Criminal Defense Law, Family Law, and Immigration Law. They handle cases throughout the State of Kansas, in City, State, and Federal Courts.


O’Hara & O’Hara had a few key challenges:

Was difficult to get in contact with clients for court date reminders

Would send letters for reminders which almost never worked

Sending reminders and responding to leads was taking staff way too much time and left no time for other tasks


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

With Kenect, they could send a quick reminder via text which is almost always responded to

No more letters! All reminders are now sent via text which has proven to be much more cost effective and efficient

Staff can now focus on important tasks since Kenect responds to new leads for them!

How O’Hara & O’Hara is effectively using Kenect’s newest product, Managed Conversations:

“Managed Conversations has been an absolute game-changer for our firm. Kenect responds to new potential clients for us which has helped us convert leads into clients much more efficiently. Before, our attorneys would respond to new leads and there would be a delay because they are very busy. Now, with Kenect, new clients get a response immediately and Kenect can ask the initial questions to get the information we need to know about the client. I can’t say enough great things about this product!”


Kenect saves time!

“We became aware of Kenect through their Practice Panther integration. Kenect has been the perfect compliment for everything we do at the firm. It helps take stress off our staff, it’s a huge time saver, and overall has been a great tool for our business. We love Kenect!”

Leads are Boosting Business

469 new leads in just 10 months

Kenect Gets Your Business More Reviews

60+ reviews generated in just 10 months

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