Managed Services.
Let us respond to your text conversations, reviews, and post for you. 

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Your team is busy. Let us reduce response time.

Managed Conversations

Managed Conversations is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team will respond to any lead that comes in.

Without Kenect, the average lead response time is 47 hours. Kenect lead response time is 30 seconds. No automated responses.

The first vendor to respond wins up to 78% of the time.

Managed Reviews

The internet never sleeps. You could get a negative review on Google or Facebook at any time. Our team can help! We can manage responses to online reviews on your behalf.

We can supplement your team’s work, responding only in certain scenarios (e.g. only reviews unresponded after 24 hours), or fully manage all responses.

Managed Publishing

Social media publishing is necessary, but it can become annoying, frustrating and laborious (big word alert). While our team does not create content, we can collect photos submitted in Kenect, verify compliance with applicable branding rules, and schedule them for posting on your social media sites. We can even post content provided to us directly by OEMs or partners.

Capture leads and respond to reviews in real time.

Managed Conversations operates 24/7 so customers can text with a live person anytime. No need to limit your conversation to business hours and no need to limit your responses to automated texts. We will respond to your leads in less than one minute. This increases conversions by 391%.

Step 1: Customer texts in a question.

Step 2: Reply delivered within seconds as part of Managed Conversations.

Step 3: Customer gets question answered, limiting delay in response time.

Take texts beyond business hours.

This feature allows customers to text anytime, and get a response back from a live person, ANYTIME!

No need for automated messages after-hours, and no need to wait by the phone for a text to come in. Managed Conversations takes care of it for you, saving time and allowing you to sell more.

Face it, you're too busy to respond immediately. Instead, have a dedicated team do it for you. Responding after 30 minutes is 21 times less effective.

Kenect Managed Conversations will respond in less than 30 seconds.

Responding to Customers Online

Stop worrying about negative reviews. Stop fretting about what to say when someone leaves a negative review. 

Are you ready to grow your online reputation, enhance customer relationships and improve your ratings? We can help respond to reviews, manage reviews, and handle their impact.

"Kenect has been a game-changer for our business! Every single department has benefited from it. It's hard to imagine how we operated before Kenect."
Jamie Haradine, GM | Wakeside Marine
"What a fantastic product! The install, set-up, and the training was flawless. We're already generating more leads. I am very happy!"
Rick Glantz, Partner | Glantz Law Group

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