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Customer Success Story: Longview Lawn and Garden

Customer Success Story
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Who is Longview Lawn and Garden?‍

Longview Lawn & Garden Equipment was founded in January 1982 with very humble beginnings by K.T Mize. Hard work and personal customer service forced many expansions over the many years. What started out as a hobby has turned into one of the more successful outdoor power equipment dealerships in Texas. With the passing of K.T. in 2008, the dealership continues to move forward with sons Keenan & Corey Mize. They strive to meet expectations with pride and a commitment to service.


Longview Lawn and Garden had a few key challenges:

No one was picking up the phone

Voicemails weren’t set up or their inbox was full

Phone calls, emails and direct mail was taking too much time to reach customers - making communication inefficient


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

Texts are typically answered within 3 seconds - making texting much more efficient than a phone call

Kenect improved communication by allowing the Longview to text their customers with reminders, part updates, payment links, and more

Staff can now focus on important tasks instead of making phone calls since texting is so much quicker

Why Longview Lawn and Garden loves Kenect’s website widget tool:

“We really like Kenect’s website widget tool. People can easily text us questions while checking our site. It helps us get more business because it's faster than email, and we can reply to customers quickly.”

How Longview Lawn and Garden uses Kenect on a daily basis:

“We use Kenect daily for machine pick-ups, parts and service notifications, customer questions, payments, and much more. Our experience with quick links through Kenect has truly elevated the way we communicate with our customers every step of the way.”


Payments are easier!

Longview Lawn and Garden collected over 100k+ in payments in 2023

Leads are Boosting Business

347 new leads in 2023

Kenect Gets Your Business More Reviews

46 reviews generated in 2023

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