Customer Success Story: Delta Power Equipment

Jun 15
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Customer Success Story

Who is Delta Power Equipment?‍

Delta Power Equipment is a full service Case IH and New Holland farm and construction equipment dealer with multiple locations across Ontario. They offer a full line of Case IH and New Holland equipment, as well as products from many other manufacturers. Delta Power Equipment is focused on and committed to you, the customer. They pride themselves on high levels of customer service and product support. 


Delta Power Equipment had a few key challenges:

Staying in contact with customers efficiently and keeping track of leads 

Many employees were giving out their personal cell number and getting calls at all hours 

Phone calls were taking too long to schedule service and part replacements 


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

Kenect helps keep track of leads and efficiently communicate with customers 

With Kenect, employees can just login through the app to text customers instead of using their personal phone number 

A 20 minute phone call can be turned into 4 quick texts saving employees tons of time! 

How did you adopt Kenect into all 15 locations so quickly?

"We planned on integrating Kenect super slowly actually. We were going to start with just one store and slowly push it out to other locations. Within a week of using it at one location, we realized how simple and helpful the platform was that we decided to roll it out to all locations ASAP! It has been so successful and easy to adopt into all of our locations." 


Better Communication with Customers

Over 5,400 messages sent to customers in their first month 

Employees Prefer Texting

Our employees like texting because a 20 minute phone call about a part now is just 4 simple texts - saves us so much time!" 

Kenect Generates Leads

265 leads generated in one month just by making their phone number textable

Easy to Expand into ALL Locations

Delta Power Equipment adopted Kenect into ALL 15 locations in just 3 weeks!

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