Customer Success Story: Carizma Motors

Feb 23
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Customer Success Story

Who is Carizma Motors?‍

Carizma Motors has proudly served Texas and New Mexico for over a decade in providing reliable transportation to thousands of our fellow friends and neighbors. Their friendly and professional staff can assist in the guaranteed vehicle loan approval process in addition to helping you maintain your vehicle and manage your account.


Carizma Motors had a few key challenges:

  • Each account manager had a phone which became expensive
  • Customers had to text with a bot/in a chat room if it was after hours
  • Each employee had a different phone number so it was hard to keep track of customer communication


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

  • With Kenect, account managers could use their personal cell phones and text from the Kenect app
  • With Kenect, customers no longer had to wait in a chat room or talk to a bot - no matter what time of day
  • With Kenect, customers only text to one phone number and it was much easier to keep track of communication within the app


Better Communication, Less Cost

“Before Kenect, each account manager had a company phone, which was expensive. Now, each employee just uses the app to text customers which significantly cut costs and made us more organized.” - Jacob Witherspoon

Customers Prefer Texting

Customers find texting easier than phone calls or email and like that they are able to talk to a REAL human and not a bot. 

Money Saver

“Kenect has been a huge money saver. We went from having 9-10 phones to zero - all because our account managers can text through the Kenect app.”

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