Customer Success Story: Bubka Law Group

Aug 17
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Customer Success Story

Who is Bubka Law Group?‍

Bubka Law Group is a full service law firm dedicated to providing help in a language that clients can understand. They focus on helping clients feel confident their legal matter is being handled professionally and as efficiently as possible.


Bubka Law Group had a few key challenges:

  • Using overly expensive texting platforms that didn't sync with their software
  • Countless phone calls to clients to remind them of court dates and times
  • Getting in contact with clients in general


Kenect solutions to solve each challenge:

  • Kenect was priced at the correct price point and is integrated with their current software
  • Kenect implemented business texting so customers responded much quicker
  • With texting, clients could go back to look at specific dates and times


“Kenect texting is a more informal way to communicate that doesn't require us to always be on phone.” - Lane Bubka

Texting is the preferred communication method for clients 

“The clients like that they can text after hours and know someone will get back to them.“   

Court dates and times are easier for clients to remember through text 

Saving 2+ hours a day with texting over calling 

“It used to take me all day to call each client! Now with business texting, it only takes me a couple hours.” 

10+ Google reviews since starting with Kenect in 2022 

“It’s so easy to just send a quick link to a client to get a great review to boost business.” 

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