Culture Competition: Employees Share Kenect Values

Mar 18
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Behind The Scenes

Every year Kenect holds a culture competition to help build teamwork and have some fun.

Employees create groups and sign up to do a skit on one of the core values of Kenect. They are then handed one of the values at random and given one hour to come up with a performance to act out the value. Kenect also provided props to help them with their skits.

In all, five teams from all different departments participated in the event.

This year we saw some incredible performances. One group decided to rewrite some lyrics to a popular song. Another decided to hold a roast. We also got some sage advice from a grumpy old man.

In the end, employees voted for their top three.

In third place were members of the CS team who came up with a dating game theme. In second place, were members of the sales team who held a workplace reenactment. Finally, the first place team, who got twice the votes as the second place team, held an impromptu roast of one of our favorite team members.

Each team in the top three got a prize for their efforts, and praise from their fellow employees.

This year’s competition was made even more special because of how many team members we added over the past year. Kenect is growing fast, and we are adding people nearly every week.

It was also the first year we held the competition in our new building. Lots more space to move around in, and more space to show off our values.

Our own CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Sorenson joined one of the teams this year, and said he had a great time!

“The Kenect Culture Competition is an unforgettable tradition,” said Sorensen. “For those brave enough to participate, it is an experience that puts you on the map at Kenect, and one you will always remember. For those just attending, it is a way to honor Kenect’s values and laugh harder than you have in a long time. We don’t just talk about values at Kenect. We celebrate them!”

A big congratulations to all who participated in the culture competition this year. Who knows, maybe this year’s performances will inspire other team members to do it next year!

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