Collecting Payments Via Texting at Your Event Venue

Mar 30
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There is nothing that’s more frustrating and, sadly, common for an event venue than delayed payments, or difficult to collect payments.

Every event venue has horror stories of people refusing to pay, not paying on time, or just being tough to collect payment. And while most of the blame falls on your customers, the people that you know are refusing to pay, part of the blame perhaps falls on event venues who are attempting to collect payment through means that are inconvenient at best and antiquated at worst.

Emailed invoices, paper invoices mailed through the post office are inconvenient for the customer.

No one wants to get a paper invoice anymore. It’s 2022.

And in an age when emails are opened less than 10% of the time, even an email invoice is going to make the payment process painfully slow.

Remember this: your goal should be to make it EASY for your customers to pay you, not hard. And yet many businesses seem to want to add complexity to getting paid.


The reason that many - and I mean thousands upon thousands - of businesses are turning to text-to-pay is because it’s easy. Consider the following:

- 98% of text messages are opened and 96% are read within the 3 minutes of being received. There is almost no scenario where someone doesn’t read a text message. What does that mean for requesting payment via text?

It means that the invoice you send over via text will get paid IMMEDIATELY.

- 89% of consumers would prefer that a business contacts them via text. As I said above, it’s 2022, your customers have no interest in getting a letter from you, in getting an email from you, or in paying you over the phone. They don’t want to do it.

They want to communicate with you via text and they want to pay you via text.

- Text-to-pay will get you paid 85% faster than any other payment method – Paper invoices get you paid in days or weeks, email gets you paid in hours or days, text-to-pay gets you paid in seconds or minutes.

- Ignoring invoices stops nearly 100% of the time. People don’t ignore texts. It’s that simple.

How Does Text-to-Pay Work?

There are basically 4 steps to collect payment via text:

- Step 1 – Become a Kenect customer.

This is easy and surprisingly inexpensive.

- Step 2 – Click on the little payment icon while your texting someone in the Kenect platform.

This is easy… because you’re literally clicking on an icon.

- Step 3 – Create the invoice.

This involves you simply writing what the invoice is for. What the payment amount is and creating an invoice number. This takes approximately 12 seconds.

- Step 4 – Send the text.

Push send.

- Step 5 – They put card and payment information into the text. And they pay you. It’s that simple. It’s that easy.

You never see or access their credit card. Their money hits your account in 48 hours.

Stop collecting payments like it’s 1987 (or 1887). It’s 2022. Collect payment via text.

Get texting for your business