5 Reasons Texting is Better Than Email Marketing

Apr 7
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Business Texting

Texting is better than email marketing and it really isn’t close. This blog post will explore the reasons why.

1) Open Rates

The average email sent from a business gets a 12% open rate. You may see numbers higher than from time to time, or lower than that. But 12% is the average. That’s really low and that’s really ineffective and inefficient.

Any communication methodology that only has a 12% open rate is outdated.

And keep in mind, this does not mean that those people who open the email are reading it, engaging with it, or even aware of what it says. They just opened it. Could be for 2 seconds, could be for 20 minutes.

Compare this to texting.

Texts from businesses are opened 98% of the time.

People open texts. They can’t stand that little blue number showing they have unread messages; they click with their little thumb and they open it.

98% and 12% aren’t even in the same ballpark.

2) Read Rates

The average email from a business is only read (defined as reading the email for 4 seconds or more) 10% of the time AFTER IT IS OPENED.

Said another way, only 10% of the 12% of the opens are read in a meaningful way.

Compare this, again to texting.

96% of the emails that are opened are read. 96% is higher than 10%.

3) Instant Interaction

The biggest benefit to texting compared to email, and basically every other communication methodology, might be the speed.

The 96% of texts that are read, are read within 3 minutes of the text being sent.

This is the fastest communication method in the history of the world. It’s the biggest transformation in business communication since the invention of the telephone 115 years ago.

4) Know They’ve Seen It

When you send someone a text message, you KNOW they’ve seen it. You can rest assured that if they ignore the message, it’s because they’re purposefully ignoring the message, not because they haven’t seen it.

If someone ignores your email, it might be because it got buried in their inbox, got sent to a Spam folder, simply got overlooked OR it might be because they purposefully ignored it.

But with texting, you don’t have to guess why they didn’t reply. You know. They ignored it. On purpose

Imagine how valuable this is when you’re collecting payments and sending out invoices, or when you’re providing a customer with important meeting information, or vital information about what you’re working on with them.

You know, that if they don’t reply, or if they don’t take action, they’re ignoring you.

5) Easier for You

You can more easily send a text than an email. People will excuse spelling errors, quick comments, and other mistakes. It doesn’t need to be perfect. You can send it from anywhere, anytime.

And the opposite is true. They can receive them anywhere, anytime.

Texting is simply better, and easier than email marketing.

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