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How Business Texting Saves Time & Money

For most of today’s B2C businesses, facilitating strong relationships with customers (both prospective and current) is key to running a successful company. Today’s consumers expect personalized, engaging connections with the brands and businesses that they invest their time and money […]

How Texting Capabilities Can Help Your Business Grow Revenue

When you think of the number one reason that texting has taken over the B2C world as a direct-to-consumer engagement channel, you’re probably thinking of real-time communication. After all, while traditional channels like email and phone calls work, modern consumers […]

How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

There’s no denying that online reviews are now one of the largest drivers of new business for small and medium-sized businesses. More than 81% of consumers use reviews as the first step when making a buying decision, and this number […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Texting with Customers

In the past few years, leveraging SMS text capabilities to communicate with customers has become a top strategy for brands looking to engage with both new and returning customers. From B2B organizations texting with marketing contacts to B2C companies communicating […]

Easily Communicate with Customers Through Facebook Messenger

Today’s consumers are a social audience. We want to be connected, engaged, and in-the-know – even when we’re on the go. We crave interactions with others so much that we’ll even look for them online. This need for a social connection […]

What are Your Employees Texting to Your Customers?

In today’s social-crazy, tech-focused economy, online reviews help businesses reach more customers, grow their industry reputation, and close more business. More than 81% of customers use reviews as the first step in making a buying decision, making online reviews as […]

Can I Send Text Messages From My Landline?

If your business isn’t already on the text train, it’s time to hop aboard. A more personal form of communication than email or even phone, texting allows brands to communicate with customers in real-time without worry about spam, voicemail, or […]

Using Gamification to Track Employee Performance

For most business owners, managing and understanding employee performance can be a bit tricky. While everyone is well aware of the responsibilities and day-to-day focus of their role, determining stellar performance is hard. While the Kenect platform delivers a unique […]

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