Easily Communicate with Customers Through Facebook Messenger

 |  Business Texting, Reputation Management

Today’s consumers are a social audience. We want to be connected, engaged, and in-the-know – even when we’re on the go. We crave interactions with others so much that we’ll even look for them online. This need for a social connection has both resulted in and spurred the growth of social media. Social media platforms are now the go-to way for people to engage with friends, peers, strangers, and, of course, companies of all shapes and sizes. For businesses, social media has opened up an entirely new way of connecting with consumers one-on-one outside of a physical workplace.

Of all the social networks out there, one stands alone as the king of the hill: Facebook. With over 2 billion users, Facebook has become a one-stop-shop for companies looking to find new customers, test out campaigns, and even close business. Now, it’s also a place where companies can actually have personal conversations directly with consumers about anything in the world. Thanks to Facebook Messenger, brands have yet another channel through which they can communicate with both new and returning audiences.

Since Facebook spun off Messenger as it’s own app in 2014, there are now over 1.2 billion users of the service worldwide. Brands have taken notice of this untapped opportunity – and customers have taken notice of the easy-to-use workflow. According to a Facebook survey, 56% of users would rather message directly with a company than call customer service, and more than 50% are more likely to do business with an organization they can message than one they can’t.

Your brand can use Facebook Messenger for more than just customer service conversations and inquiries. Companies can also turn to Facebook Messenger to:

  • Share new content, updates, and alerts directly with customers
  • Help field inbound questions and provide relevant answers and resources
  • Connect customers with other people on Facebook who might be interested in the same things
  • Drive deals forward and actually close new business directly from the app
  • Send coupons, ads, and targeted promotions directly to consumers based on previous purchases

In order to make the most of your new Facebook Messenger campaign focus, make sure your prospects and customers know that this is an open communication option. Include a Messenger icon alongside your other social icons. On your contact page, add a link to your Messenger profile alongside your business text and phone line. If possible, add a customer testimonial about how easy Messenger is to use from the customer side to increase engagement and new conversations.

Kenect + Facebook Messenger

With the Kenect platform, your team can do more than just seamlessly pull business-line text messages and reviews into a secure back-end solution. Kenect also integrates with Facebook Messenger to pull all of the conversations your employees have with consumers over the messaging service into the Kenect platform for real-time visibility, transparency, and efficiency. Your team can also send review requests directly to consumers through Facebook Messenger as well.

As we continue to become more social media-dependent as a society, brands of all sizes and industries will have to proactively update processes and procedures to capture this new audience. Pulling direct-to-consumer conversations from Facebook Messenger to Kenect can help bridge this gap between social channel and actionable marketing insights.

You can learn more about how Kenect and Facebook Messenger are working together here.