Reviews and Customer Quotes

Over 10,000 dealerships use Kenect to gather more reviews, manage their reputation , text their customers, and collect payments. And they love it!

Ryan Markel from Snow’s Polaris

“I recommend all dealerships use Kenect. If you’re not reaching out to your customers with texting, you’re missing the boat. We have all the departments in our dealership running on Kenect. Customers want you to text them.”

Ryan Markel
Sales Manager, Snow’s Polaris

Customer Testimonials

After using Kenect for the past couple years, I don't know how I lived without it before. It has saved myself and the staff at my office so much time on the phone. It is especially great for those clients of ours that don't answer the phone or listen to their voicemails. Everyone seems to respond to text. I especially appreciate our representative at Kenect, Jordan, as he is friendly and prompt when attending to any of our issues. Highly, highly recommend!

Corina B.
Kenect Customer

We love Kenect!! Been using Kenect for a few years now and it never disappoints. It has been a pleasure working with Trevor at the Kenect Team. He has always been there to address all my concerns and questions. Look forward to many more years working together.

Tonya B.
Kenect Customer

I was hesitant to spend the money on Kenect. Now that I have been using it for a month, I can't imagine practicing without it. It is simply the fastest, easiest, most customer-friendly way to communicate with your clients. I highly recommend this service. Courtney has been helping me with learning the system and any hiccups that come up and she is awesome. I highly recommend this service both for the functionality and the customer service.

Scott H.
Kenect Customer

"Before Kenect we were having so many issues collecting payments. Our process took days to track people down and manually input their credit card. With Kenect, we just send a quick payment link and the customer pays right away AND it's secure. All of our customers love paying with Kenect."

Lauren B.
Lagrange Consulting

"Since we've had Kenect it's given us an opportunity to provide a new level of service for our customers that our competition in the area just doesn't have. Kenect gives us a huge advantage that has brought more sales to the business."

Ryan G.
Delta Power Equipment

"If you’re not using Kenect, you need to! Businesses that aren't signed up for Kenect need to sign up today - it will transform the way you communicate with customers as well as your business as a whole."

Johnathan W.
SWS Marine

"I had used Kenect at a previous dealership and knew we had to implement it here. 90% of our customers prefer to text us!"

Lauren B.
North Knox Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

"Kenect helps our business run smoothly. From sales follow-ups to keeping in contact with customers about their equipment, Kenect has transformed how we communicate and saves us 3+ hours per day!"

Tim M.
West Central Equipment

The #1 reason why customers get angry with dealers is communication. With Kenect, we are able to communicate quickly and efficiently with customers. Kenect is the BEST tool to improve customer communication for dealers.

Kevin H
PPL Motorhomes

Kenect - Reputation Management for Dealerships

Dealers that use Kenect see a 2x or even 3x increase in their Google reviews in the first 90 days of working with Kenect.