What You Need To Know About Zipwhip Texting Software Shutdown

Oct 28
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A few months ago, Twilio acquired Zipwhip, and until now the details of the acquisition, and what Twilio’s plans are, haven’t been widely known. Then came this bombshell:

Twilio says it’s shutting down Zipwhip software in 2022, leaving thousands of customers without a place to go.

What does this mean?

Zipwhip has over 30,000 customers who will now all be looking for a new texting platform.

The company is asking customers to start planning for 2022, and make sure they are not on the existing platform before it shuts down.

If customers do not get off the platform in time, they could risk losing all contacts, information, and other items stored on the Zipwhip platform.

Also, during the transition, customers will not be able to add phone lines, or downgrade on their existing system. This means customers will be limited in what they can do until the shutdown becomes official.

What can customers do?

Time to start looking elsewhere.

Kenect is the best alternative to Zipwhip and offers similar services that customers are already enjoying. Kenect was recently listed in the top 5% of the Inc. 5000 list. Thousands of businesses depend on Kenect every day.

We can also use your existing business line to easily set up with the Kenect platform.

Kenect allows you to generate more leads, capture more Google and Facebook reviews, conduct video chats, gather payments, and communicate more efficiently—all with text messaging.

Make sure you get off Zipwhip before it goes dark in 2022 so you don’t lose any vital information that could affect the future of your business.

To read Zipwhip’s official announcement: https://www.zipwhip.com/software-shutdown-faq/

To learn more about Kenect, Request a Quote here: https://go.kenect.com/get-quote/

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