What to Look for When Evaluating Business Texting Services

Feb 28
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Business Texting

In the world of B2C communications, there are always tiers of adopters. When it comes to texting with customers, more and more brands and industries caught on until the channel has become a must for many brands looking to engage with a certain set of customers.

This being said, there are multiple business texting platforms on the market that are working to fill this now pressing need for brands to be able to communicate with consumers. But, as in many things, all texting services are not created equal. There are industry-specific solutions, enterprise or start-up focused platforms, and even solutions that can fit the needs of multiple industries and businesses.

Here are a few of the key features to look for when evaluating different business texting services:

Full visibility into conversations: Leverage text messaging as a communication channel can drastically streamline your internal operations, but there needs to be a high level of visibility into these messages on the backend of your text service provider. Your team should be able to see every single message sent and received from a specific consumer so that anyone can pick up a conversation at any point. Additionally, managers need this insight to track and measure the success of business texting efforts.

The ability to include attachments: While sending text messages to consumers is a huge step in B2C communication, adding attachments, photos, and even videos can take these messages to the next level. Instead of having to send a follow-up email with more information, your team can handle all of your customer conversations via text – if your business texting service can manage multi-media messages.

Mobile app access: Business texting has become such a big business because it targets consumers wherever and whenever they can receive messages. Smartphones have made it easy for brands to connect with customers, so why should it be hard for brands to manage this engagement? Look for a business texting service with a full-service mobile app interface that allows your team to manage your inbox, update templates, and respond to texts wherever you are.

WebTexting capabilities: Did you know that your website offers untapped potential in the form of WebTexting? Instead of asking site visitors to fill out a demo form or call your office directly, WebTexting gives them the option to text your team instead – directly from your website – and receive a response in seconds. Finding a platform with these advanced chat capabilities can help set your team up for long-term success.

Questions? Finding the right business texting service for your company can be daunting, but it’s critical to pick the right one for the needs and strategy of your team. The Kenect team can help you wade the waters of the business texting industry to find the solutions and features that fit your team’s needs. Text us now for more information!

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