What Potential Clients Want to See in Your Law Firm Reviews

Oct 7
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As we wade through the pandemic, people are finding new ways to connect. They are turning to text messaging and the internet as alternatives to in-person meetings. This has increased productivity for Law firms, but it also presents new challenges as more people look to Google Reviews to figure out which lawyer to choose.

Why Reviews Matter?

Like it or not, 93% of clients use reviews as a first step in choosing a law firm. This makes positive reviews that much more critical.

Online reviews are also held to a higher standard. Right now,91% or clients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. They view online reviews as the new “word of mouth.”

Negative reviews can hurt your law firm. A large number of clients, 87% of potential customers, say they won’t consider a law firm with low online ratings.

What Are Clients Looking for In Reviews?

Quality and quantity are top of mind for potential clients. They are looking for high star ratings in reviews, mostly fives and fours. They also look for law firms with many reviews. At least 50 reviews is a good place to start, but law firms should shoot for over 150.

Also, put yourself out there. Clients like to see owners responding to reviews. They can see how you react to negative reviews and see how you answer questions from clients on the platform.

Steps to Success for Online Reviews.

1.     Take control. Don’t let angry clients determine your online reputation. Get your clients to leave reviews.

2.     Build a Repeatable Process. Find a point in your process where you can easily ask happy clients for reviews.

3.     Respond and State Marketing. Always respond to every review and use your 5-star reviews on your website, in ads and at your office.

One of the easiest ways to get clients to leave a good review is through text messaging. With the Kenect platform, you can easily pick a client, choose the review platform to send them to (Google, Facebook, Etc.), and have them post a review. It takes a few minutes and can help you build positive feedback in a short amount of time.

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