Two Personal Stories Show Why Businesses Need Texting

Dec 22
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Business Texting

By McKay Allen, VP of Marketing

Story 1: Buying a Truck

I totaled my pickup in the summer. That’s always no fun, but it was particularly not fun in the Summer of 2021 when supply chain issues were at their worst.

No one had used or new vehicles to buy. But I HAD to have something to drive.

So, I immediately started calling dealerships—I called 15 in all—and finally found two GMC dealers that would sell me a pickup. The rest simply didn’t have any to sell. I spoke to two dealers who said that if I put a $1000 deposit down, they would put my name on pickups that were ordered. I’d get the truck within 6 weeks.

Not great, but better than not having anything to drive.

And so, I put $1000 refundable deposits down at two dealerships.

Dealership A had a salesperson that sent me text messages every other day during that 6 weeks period. Every other day I received a text message giving me an update about the status of the vehicle, when it was being built, when it was getting the computer chip, finally that it had come off the assembly line and that it was being shipped to the dealership.

I received text messages about the status of the truck constantly. So, when I received the text message that my truck was ready I went to pick it up.  

Dealership B didn’t communicate with me at all. Not one text and not one phone call.

When I called them to tell them I’d bought my truck somewhere else and I’d like my $1000 back, they were incredulous and upset. They couldn’t’ believe I bought my truck elsewhere.

I couldn’t believe they hadn’t communicated with me throughout the process.

The point is simple: text your customers. If Dealership A had called me every other day, instead of texting me, I would have been annoyed by all those calls and frustrated. But because they merely texted me, it was fine.

Dealership B simply needs to communicate better.

Story 2: Texting About an Oil Change

As mentioned above, I bought the pickup from dealership A. It’s been a great truck! But I needed to get the oil changed for the first time a few days ago. I couldn’t remember if I purchased a maintenance package when I bought the truck.

So, I called the dealership to see.

I called once and followed the phone prompts to talk to the service department. As the receptionist was picking up (finally a real person!) the line disconnected.

I called back, went through the phone tree, finally talked to the receptionist who transferred to me a ‘service advisor.’ It rang 6 times and then disconnected.

I called back THE THIRD TIME, went through the phone tree, finally talked to the receptionist who transferred me to the service advisor. I spoke to a service advisor who put me on a brief hold. During that hold it disconnected.

Finally, the 4th time I called, went through the phone tree, and was disconnected as the receptionist tried to transfer me to the service advisor.

I gave up and went to Jiffy Lube.

Point is this (and I confirmed this with the salesperson I bought the truck from), at this dealership the sales team uses texting, but the service team does not. They still rely on phone call and ‘press 1 if you need to talk to service’ etc.

What a mess!?!?!

I had one simple question: did I buy an oil change package when I bought the truck. But no one could answer it for me quickly.

Conclusion: provide your customers a way to text you, in EVERY department.

Get texting for your business