The Secret to Turn Website Visitors Into Website Leads

Sep 16
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Business Texting

You want visitors on your website to start talking to you. But when it really comes down to it, how many of your visitors actually call the number listed on your Contact page? Probably not very many. Most visitors are interested enough to enter your site, but not quite interested enough to call you and speak on the phone. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t even want to speak with our own friends on the phone!

So how can businesses get website visitors to turn into potential customers?
Text messages.

Adding a “Text Us” button to your website will immediately connect your sales team or parts department to a potential customer via text.

According to the results from Kenect customers, installing the “Text Us” button creates an average 260% increase in website leads.

The graph below shows how this button affected website leads for one business.

In the first 10 days after installing the “Text Us” button, website leads had already increased by 550% for this business.

Let’s see why it works:

Preferred Communication Method

Customers simply prefer texting. This isn’t just a theory, it’s in the data. Survey results show that 89% of customers prefer to interact with a business via text-messaging rather than a phone call. Visitors on your website are no different.

Texting boasts a 98% read rate (95% of which are read within the first 3 minutes). Email, phone calls, and direct mail pale in comparison to these rates. How often do you leave unread text messages on your phone? For most of us, likely never.

Maintained Contact

With normal chat boxes, a customer leaving the computer means the conversation is over. With texting, the customer can leave the computer and continue to communicate with you as they go about their daily activities. No waiting on hold, no listening to elevator music, and no voicemails.

You maintain contact with the website visitor, and they are infinitely more likely to turn into a customer.


This call-to-action quickly becomes one of the most visible buttons on your website. When a visitor decides they have interest or have a question, they will quickly click the “Text Us” widget and be connected to a company representative in a matter of seconds.


The realm of possibility doesn’t stop at answering visitor’s questions. You can schedule appointments, send reminders, share pictures, request payments, and even generate online reviews. All of these become possible as soon as the customer enters into a text-message conversation with you.


Turning website visitors into paying customers is no easy task. (Until now!) Even if your website has phenomenal content and a convincing product, most visitors will leave your site and look at competitors sites before making any sort of decision to contact you. A “Text Us” button allows website visitors a simple, convenient way to start a conversation with you, become a qualified lead, and start the customer journey.

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