Text Payments Success Story: Lincolnton Marine

Nov 9
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"Kenect Payments easily saves us 10 minutes per transaction."

Who is Lincolnton Marine?

Lincolnton Marine was established in 1975, making it the oldest dealership in the CSRA. They pride themselves in promises of unbeatable prices, tremendous selection, and service above all.  

Lincolnton focuses on building repeat customers. To achieve that goal, they focus on building relationships with customers through top-notch staff and innovative technology.

Key Challenges

Lincolnton Marine had a few key challenges:
- Needed a way to do payments without employees writing down credit card numbers
- Wanted to streamline company to be more automated/computerized in service department
- Looking for a way to easily collect service payments on after-hours dropoffs and pickups


Kenect Text-to-Pay was initiated in order to address the key challenges at Lincolnton.

The service department would begin requesting payments via text and cut out unnecessary steps like chasing down payment information and writing down credit card numbers by hand.


Since launching Text-to-Pay six months ago in April 2020, Lincolnton has run over $40,000 in service department transactions through text message payment requests.

Lincolnton Marine has been able to push forward their "service above all" mission by simplifying the payment process for it's customers and staff.

No more payment errors

Employees no longer need to chase down, write down, and handle credit card information

Saving employee time in service department

"Kenect Payments easily saves us 10 minutes per transaction."

Cutting unnecessary steps

"It's cutting out a lot of steps, and time is money. It's just faster. You get so busy in this business."

Text payments for after-hours

Customers can drop off or pick up boats after-hours and simply pay for the service over text message.

To see full Success Story, click here.

How can Kenect Payments help your business?

Diversify your payment options

Kenect allows your business to run it's payments through text message. We also offer options in virtual terminals, hosted eComm pages, contactless payments, countertop terminals, and mobile card scanners.

Get paid within 48 hours, 59% of the time

Payments via text message are completed quicker than invoices sent via email.

Pay 10% to 15% less than what you're paying now

Processing fees don't need to be so expensive. Using Kenect cuts down on fees and saves your company money.

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