Predictions for Google Review Changes in 2022

Feb 25
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Google Reviews

When we do a webinar or a blog post about Google reviews, we’re often asked a simple question: what will change with Google reviews in 2022?

And it’s a good question because Google changes things CONSTANTLY. They change the way reviews are displayed, where reviews are placed on the page compared to the map, what information can be shared on GMB pages, and how much the reviews matter.

What we’ll do in this post is briefly provide some predictions for what could change with Google reviews in 2022. We’ll probably be right on some and wrong on some of our predictions. But in December we’ll evaluate how accurate we were.

Prediction 1 – More focus on video

There has already been some indication of this, and so we’re probably cheating, but we’ll still make it a prediction anyway.

Google is increasingly focused on video, that’s no secret.

But specifically, our prediction is that Google will add video capabilities for reviewers and video responses for businesses. This means that reviewers can leave a video review, upload it, and share it. Businesses could then reply to the video review with a video reply of their own.

This means reviews will be more interactive, are more likely to be shared more broadly on social media, and could have a potentially greater impact on the business.

Imagine the emotion—whether frustration or excitement—that could be conveyed in a video review. Imagine the person appearing on screen and being angry about your business or showing something you did incorrectly.

Or, conversely, imagine how incredible a GOOD video review could be. Imagine a law firm client getting emotional and excited about how the law firm’s work changed his/her life, or a bride gushing as she discusses the bridal shop she bought her gown from.

The point is that with video reviews, the impact is potentially very significant.

Prediction 2 – Longer reviews and replies will be rewarded

Google’s ultimate goal is for consumers and businesses to have more engagement on Google itself and with  GMB pages. One of the primary ways they can do that is rewarding long reviews and thoughtful lengthy replies.

Prediction 3 – Incorporating Reviews More Into Ads

I actually think Google will start incorporating reviews into ads more and possibly adjusting ad prices/availability based on reviews.

Prediction 4 – Easier to Share Reviews Among Locations

One of the long-frustrating things about Google reviews is that they generally don’t allow review sharing among locations. I suspect this will change in 2022.

Reviews Matter

Regardless of some of the specifics of these changes, one thing is certain: reviews will matter in 2022 more than ever.

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