Law Firm Success Story: Dozier Miller Law Group

Oct 12
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Customer Success Story

"It's the little things that make a big difference, and that's what Kenect does for our clients. Texting makes it easier to contact us, easier to pay, and easier to send documents." - George Miller

Who is Dozier Miller Law Group?

Since 1979, the attorneys of Dozier Miller Law Group have been dedicated to providing affordable, results-driven legal services in Charlotte with expertise in family law, personal injury, civil litigation, business law, estate planning, immigration and criminal defense.


Dozier Miller Law Group had some challenges:

  • Looking for an easier way to engage with current and prospective clients
  • Long client conversations over the phone
  • Needed a way to simplify the intake process
  • Wanted to make it easier for clients to leave online reviews


Implemented Kenect platform into entire firm:

  • Made the main firm phone number a textable line for clients and employees
  • Encourage clients and prospects to text instead of call
  • Use texting to quickly start the intake process
  • Send a review request via text message to great clients in order to generate 5-star reviews


"The other big reason we wanted to use Kenect was for the reviews. The easier it is for people to leave a review, the more likely they are to do it. Texting the review requests with Kenect immediately got us to over 100 reviews on Google."

116 Reviews Generated Over the Last 12 Months

5,219 Texts Received From Clients

Less time spent on the phone

"Clients don't do a 20-minute phone call, they text and get right to the meat of the question."

253% Increase in Online Reviews

"Kenect immediately got us to over 100 reviews on Google."

Clients prefer text messaging

"I absolutely believe the data that says people prefer texting to phone calls and emails."

Simplified intake process

"We receive texts and can determine who they need to go to, set an appointment, etc."

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