Kenect Employees Give Thanks

Nov 23
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Behind The Scenes

This is the time of year when many people get a chance to reconnect with friends and relatives, and to reflect on the things they are thankful for.

We here at Kenect are no exception. Here are responses from our employees on what they are most thankful for this Holiday:

Manollo Guedes – Software Engineer

I’m thankful for my family, for having gotten married, and for having a baby coming. I’m thankful for these last two years have made me stronger and have shown to me what really matters in life: family.

Jesse Aldous - Controller

I am grateful that I saw Eden in a dress (prior-year Karaoke video) and Graham easily clean and jerk 135 lbs.

Emma Reeve - SDR

I am grateful for the opportunity to make money and have a job during the holidays.

Ammon Hall – SDR

This year I am thankful for family and friends that look out for one another. I’m also thankful for employment and the safe/ fun environment that I get to work in everyday.

Benji Massey - SDR

What I am grateful for… supportive friends for when you need it most.

James Goff - CSM

I am grateful for having family close by and having an awesome Kenect family that is really supportive. I am also glad to be a part of what we are doing for Chris and his family.

Chelsea Ericksen - Director of Event Marketing

While there is so much to be thankful for, this year I am especially thankful for the opportunities Kenect has provided to help take care of our community inside and outside of the office. I am grateful for the outdoors, fresh air, and all my beautiful plants that live in my home with me. I’m also especially grateful for the ability to start to travel again as well as being able to spend the holidays with my loved ones.

Keith Branton - Sr Java Architect

I'm thankful to be able to work with such a great team and I love building something that matters and provides real value to real people.

Cooper Hanson - Head of Dealership Sales

A couple things I’m thankful for are:

A new healthy baby boy! My family! A great team and great bosses to work with. An SDR team that feeds us demos that help us feed ourselves and our families.

Jakobi Matagi – SDR

I would say the thing I am most grateful for is the opportunity I have to chase the dreams that I want to achieve in life

Mckay May - Customer Success Manager

I am unbelievably grateful for a company that supports me not just as a member of their staff but in my personal and career ambitions. I am also grateful for my beautiful wife, daughter, and new son.

Cameron Crawford - Senior Sales Executive

I am thankful for a healthy family and security.

David Jensen - Operations Analyst

I’m thankful for my beautiful wife and son. I’m also grateful for my health and comforts that I enjoy.

Shaun Sorensen – CEO and Co-Founder

I’m thankful for Modern Medicine.  

Lennon Fotu – SDR

Family, Football, Friends, Mountains, Kenect, Technology, Cars and America.

Ryan Williams – FP&A

I’m thankful that Kenect provides an avenue to help support those in need through the Five for the Fight and the Christmas Charity giving.

I’m thankful Kenect has been responsible with how they manage the business. It has enabled hundreds of people have a fun and successful career.

I love that Kenect is willing to push everyone to become their best through strategic and hard work but enabling us to have fun while doing so.

Trevor Uptain – CSM

Thankful for my family, especially my wife who sacrifices so much for our kids. Thankful for my career and the opportunity it gives me to provide for my family.

Mike Melis - Director of Partner Management

This year I’m really grateful for family and friends. I’m grateful for the time I get to spend with them.

Bradley Farnsworth - SDR

I am extremely grateful for great leadership at Kenect and managers that care where you want to go. Kami has been so helpful getting me to where I want to go and same with Dave. They understood any concerns I had about moving around and were always there 100% for me to help me out.

Kenect has great mentality to help you get where you are wanting to go in your career path and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Easton Dahlberg – SDR

I am thankful for Family, friends, and Kenect.

Jake Drzayich – CSM

I am thankful for my family and the opportunities we have to laugh and grow together.

Michael Kidd – Manager of Customer Success

I am thankful for a great job and supportive leaders who always have my best interests in mind. I'm thankful I am able to come to work and provide for my family. I'm grateful for such kind coworkers and friends who have helped me through some difficult times the past year.

Caroline Hansen – Activation Manager

I am grateful for a year of personal and professional growth, my loving family, and stability during a crazy time.

Megan Hammond - Activation Manager

I am thankful for morning snuggles from my babies. I’m thankful for family and friends and the time we have with them. I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow, to live intentionally and to create my beautiful life for myself and children. I’m thankful to have enough. I’m thankful to have peace at work.

Jillian Hicken – Manager of People and Culture

I am thankful that 2021 has been 10x better than 2020! The world seems a little bit lighter and happier and brighter. I’m grateful that my family is healthy and that I have a great job and lots of opportunities.

Jacob Bopko - Senior Sales Development Manager

I’m thankful to work for a team that is built of great people that push us to be better and for a team that makes coming to work easy.

Kami Wheeler - Manager of Customer Success

I am grateful for an amazing life partner, career, and the opportunity to help others every day. I am grateful for the beauty of nature, especially Sunrises and Sunsets.

Thomas Newton – CS Manager

I'm thankful to have a loving family, wonderful and rewarding friendships, and to live in a peaceful place surrounded by welcoming people.

Lea Pritchard – Product Designer

I’m thankful this year:

• to have joined an impressive organization with super high-quality colleagues

• to be seeing the light at the end of a global pandemic tunnel

• for family and friends who have loved and supported me through good times and bad

• for pets who make our lives better and have so much to teach us about being human

• for an uncountable array of simple blessings every day

Chris Hubbard – CS Manager

I am grateful for my wife's family moving here from Chile and being all together. It has been almost 15 years since she has been with her whole immediate family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am so grateful for the opportunity Kenect gave me to get into the tech world and I am loving every moment. Can't wait to see what is in store for the future.

Brecon Peisley – AE

I am grateful for my family, my friends, and a wonderful place to work.

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