Introducing Kenect Video Chat: Changing the Way Law Firms Communicate With Clients

Nov 10
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[Webinar presentation by McKay Allen, Kenect VP of Marketing]

Introducing Kenect Video Chat

We want to introduce this new feature that's available within the Kenect platform as of today. If you're a customer, it'll populate through the platform as the day goes on. If you're not a customer, you'll have access to it when you sign up. And it is no extra charge. It comes with the normal Kenect platform and the normal Kenect pricing. It's called Kenect Video Chat.

First, who is Kenect?

First thing to note is who Kenect is, if you're unfamiliar. We're based outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, and have built a text messaging platform for law firms throughout North America. So we help you communicate more effectively, generate new leads, and even collect payments via text message, drive online reviews, and now even video chat with your clients, which is pretty cool.

So what do we do? Two-way text messaging for your firm, so you don't need to give out your personal number anymore. That's huge. Also, your clients really don't want to call you. They don't want to fill out a Contact Us form on your website. They want a little Text Us button on your website so they can text you immediately. And we're not talking about web chat, where you have to have somebody sitting there at a computer chatting back and forth. We're talking texting, where your responses go to their cell phone, like a text message. That's how they want to communicate with businesses of all types, including, and especially, law firms. The other thing that this texting functionality allows you to do is if you're in between meetings, in between hearings, you can text somebody easier than you can call them or email them.

And you can do this from the Kenect mobile app, which works on your phone. And also, of course, on desktop. Your texts come into a really nice inbox that kind of looks like and functions like an email inbox, but it's for text messages. So these can be messages from Facebook Messenger, from Instagram Messenger, from those ad messaging platforms, and then also directly from your website. So as people text you, they come into your inbox, and you're able to get more and more leads.

All right, the other thing we do is drive online reviews. So the number one reason someone chooses a law firm is if they have good and a lot of online reviews, so five star ratings and a lot of online reviews is how you get customers and clients.

What is Kenect Video Chat?

All right, so what is Kenect Video Chat? With one simple click, you can turn a text thread into a video meeting. So if you're texting with a client right in the same thread, you send them a link. They click on that link and suddenly they're video texting or video chatting with you. The cool part about this is it's right in line of your text chain. They don't need to be an iPhone user to use FaceTime and all that stuff. It'll work on anything they have. There's no additional software required for you or your clients. And then up to 30 people can video chat at one time. You can also use screen share.

So there's a couple of ways firms use this during the beta. We rolled this out to a few law firms during the beta. Couple of ways they used it were number one, if they're in between hearings or meetings, on the Kenect mobile app, they can immediately be texting someone and suddenly be on a video chat with them. That's huge.

The other thing, the other way they used it, is for quick and easy video chatting during an inbound text lead conversation. So let's say someone comes to your website, they text you, and the conversation's going great. You think you can get them as a client. You can immediately, inline, send them a link and suddenly you're video screening, video sharing with them and chatting with them.

You can also share your screen, like you're familiar with on Zoom and other platforms, to share documents, to share PowerPoint slides, whatever you want, with up to 30 people. So that's a great way to use the platform as well, depending on how you want to use it at your firm, specifically.

So here's how it works. So you can be texting. This is your text, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. Then you click that little video camera. That's the word I was looking for. Click that little video camera button within your Kenect inbox. You're both going to receive a link that says "Click here to join." You both click on that link and boom, you're video chatting. It's that's simple. No software to download. They don't need to download something, download a client to their computer. They don't need to download an app to their phone. It's that simple.

So no additional software required to run these video chats. It's easy for your team, easy for you, easy for your clients. It's available for both mobile and desktop, so you can connect with clients wherever they are and wherever you are. On the mobile version, it's probably like you're between things, or you're walking out to your car, or whatever it is, and you just want to connect with a client really fast. For a desktop, it's probably an inbound lead scenario, or you want to show something to them related to billing, or their case.

You can meet with them to discuss your case updates. As I said, you conduct initial consultations with potential clients. That's actually one of the use cases we found quickly, is that you're texting them from the Text Us button on your website, and boom, video chatting. You can share your screen, as I said, and then meet with up to 30 people at a time. So you can talk to their families, as well, and just conference them in, without having, again, without having to send them Zoom links. "Oh, we sent you the wrong link." It's like, no, you're just texting, link goes directly to them.

So if you have questions on this, reach out to us, text us at (888) 972-7422. If you're already a Kenect customer, just talk to your CSM. You'll start to notice in the app and on the desktop version the little video camera start to populate later today and tomorrow, as the product team rolls out this update. But it's exciting. We're thrilled for this. We think it's going to help law firms tremendously. And we're already hearing that from the customers who've used it via beta.


So with that, let's take any questions. If you've got questions, type them into the little question bar, and I'll answer them verbally here in a moment. So it looks like we're getting a couple. Let me just read some of these as we go.

Excellent. Okay. So one of the questions is, "Does this cost extra?" No, it does not cost extra. It does not cost extra for the Kenect platform, or to use this within the Kenect platform at all. So it's just another feature that you can use to improve your business.

Other question, "Do they have to have any specific hardware or software?" Nope. It doesn't matter which cell phones they have, and they do not have to download anything. That was one of the big keys in building this, is we wanted to make sure that people didn't have to download something. Because then it makes it no different than like a Zoom or something like that. But this is just, tap the link, you're in.

Awesome. Great questions. Everybody, I said we'd be quick today. If you have any additional questions, reach out directly. But we, again, we feel like this is a huge feature that we've added to the Kenect platform that will benefit law firms across North America.

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