How to Use Video Chat at Your Dealership

Jan 19
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Thousands of dealerships are using video chat, so you want to see what they hype is all about. Is it really that useful? Could it be a game-changer for your business? Yes, and YES.

The beautiful thing about Kenect Video Chat is the simplicity of starting a video call. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

How To Start a Video Chat

When to Use Video Chat?

1. Perform live walk-throughs of Parts & Service work that needs an approval

Closing service tickets quickly is a benefit to both the dealership and the customer. Video chat is allowing Parts & Service departments to video chat customers and get a quick approval to move forward with a fix. The customer doesn’t need to hang around the shop or come back in every time a new issue is discovered. Simply give them a quick video call, show them the damage, and get an approval to move forward.

2. Give potential buyers a live walk-around of a vehicle they are interested in -- without the need to be there in person

Especially in times where social distancing is encouraged, the ability to continue your business operations through video chat is essential. If an inbound website lead shows interest in a particular unit, schedule a quick video call to do a live walkaround of the unit with the customer. This creates an opportunity to make more sales than ever before.

3. Utilize the ‘Share my Screen’ functionality to review price quote, contracts, and F&I warranty menus

Nothing is more annoying to employees and customers than back and forth emails with dozens of attachments. Instead, video chat the customer, share your screen, and explain each part of the contract with them personally. You’ll close more sales, and you’ll have happier customers.

Connect with customers wherever they are

Especially during times when social distancing is encouraged and in-person meetings are discouraged, video chatting with customers is extremely valuable. Business is allowed to continue through video chats which take the place of in-person interactions. Customers are happier as doing business with companies becomes even more convenient.

No additional software required

Starting a video call shouldn’t require downloads and additional software. Kenect Video Chat makes starting a call quick and easy with no downloads or new software. All you need to do is send the link. All the customer needs to do is click on it.

Both mobile and desktop

Video chat shouldn’t tie you to your computer. Kenect allows you to video chat customers on your desktop, or on your cell phone. Walk around to show inventory, parts, or service updates. Speak face to face with clients anywhere you might be, because we’re not always at our desks.

Why Video Chat?

Convenience is driving customer satisfaction in every industry. Video chat answers the call for convenience, while also making your business more efficient. The beauty of Kenect Video Chat is that customers no longer need to meet you in person. Whether this means scheduling a quick meeting, sharing your screen to show a document, or showing a damaged part on a piece of equipment, businesses are loving video chat. Customers can see what they need to see, wherever they are.

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