What is the Best Text Message Marketing Service?

Oct 5
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So you want to start text messaging at your business. With dozens of texting platforms available, which do you choose? What is the best text message marketing service? There are a few important things to consider when deciding which texting service is best.

What features do you want to utilize?

What do customers say about this product?

How is the customer success team?

These are big questions that will make or break your good experience with every text message marketing service. Let’s dive into each of these.


If you’re going to start text message marketing at your business, you want to take full advantage of every feature. The power of text messages can be funneled into every part of your business. Here are the biggest features you’ll want to be sure are included in your service:

1. Business Texting

Communicate with potential customers and current customers via their preferred method, texting.

2. Online Review Generation

Every business needs frequent, 5-star reviews. Text-messaging has proven to be the way to achieve this.

3. Web Leads

Your website needs to be a consistent driver of sales and new clients for your business. Adding a texting widget allows you to double your leads immediately.

4. Payments

Requesting and collecting payments from customers needs to be a simple process. Collecting payments through text messages provides both convenience and increased efficiency.

5. Mobile App

Whether your business is a couple of people, or hundreds of people, everyone needs access to the texting service. A mobile app allows each individual in your business to access all messages, request reviews, collect payments, and respond to customers from their own phone.

Product Reviews

Select a text marketing service with raving fans. Look for reviews that can attest to both the quality of product and helpfulness of customer success representatives. You’ll want to make sure that the reviews are positive, plentiful, and most importantly, RECENT.

73% of consumers disregard reviews older than 90 days.

Another important thing to notice is if the business responds to reviews. According to Google, after review ratings, the first thing people read are Owner Responses. This means that your response is often even more important than the review itself! If the business has a lot of positive reviews, many are recent, and the owner responds to most reviews, you are much more likely to have a great experience.

Remember, watch for red flags: no recent reviews, or a failure of the company to respond to reviews.

Be sure to read through at least a few of the reviews to get a look into the success that other companies have seen from using the texting platform. Chances are, you'll find reviews that address concerns or questions you have.

Customer Success

Here's what you don't want: a company that sells you access to a texting platform and then forgets about you.

Here's what you DO want: a company that sells you access to a texting platform and works diligently to customize your experience in order to maximize results for your business.

As you peruse the online reviews, pay attention to reviews that talk about this.

"The staff at Kenect have been very thorough and patient through the process.  They offer on the spot training, and, are genuinely interested in the success of their product in our business.  Our decision to sign on with Kenect took about a year to come to fruition.  If I knew then what I know now, we would have committed much earlier in the process."

"We have been working with McKay for the onboarding and transitioning process. He has been absolutely phenomenal. Every question is answered quickly and every issue, to the extent we even had any, is addressed efficiently. We have been very, very pleased with the platform, customer service, and equally importantly the value for our dollar. Other companies charge 30 to 50% more than what Kenect charges, but you don’t get anything more for it and, , from my experience, much worse customer service."

"We are going into our second week using Kenect. To date everything has been great. Our On boarding Manager Mckay has been top notch making sure we were up to speed and trained to make sure were are getting the most our of the program. We look forward to our working relationship."


Choosing a text message marketing service doesn't have to be a crapshoot. By knowing what features your company needs, paying attention to product reviews, and looking for great customer success departments, you will significantly increase your chances of having a fantastic experience. To find out why so many think Kenect is the best text messaging platform, visit the customer quotes page.

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