Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Through Text Messaging

Oct 29
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Business Texting

As digital tools continue to change the way businesses communicate and engage with consumers, B2C marketers are on the hunt for the next ‘big thing’ to break through this noise. Thanks to a growing cultural dependency on smartphones, business SMS marketing and text messaging has slowly but surely become the frontrunner in this innovative space. Here, we’ll look at the first way text messaging can help businesses transform direct-to-consumer communication and increase revenue: customer satisfaction.

When it comes to new ways to engage with consumers, there is one channel customers prefer above the rest: text messaging. Quite simply, modern consumers would rather communicate with businesses via text than a more traditional channel like email. Consumers are already on their smartphones all day, and business texting provides an easy way to connect with businesses without having to switch modalities.

Additionally, business texting can help increase customer retention by:

Recognizing and valuing consumer’s busy personal lives. B2C marketers have finally realized that consumers are not waiting around by their phones or computers to connect with businesses. Consumers are out living their lives, and text messages allows conversations to happen without interfering or wasting unnecessary time.

Facilitating two-way conversations between consumers and businesses. A whopping 98% of all text messages are opened, and 95% of these are read within just three minutes of receiving them. Texting consumers prompts a valuable conversation, and consumers are more likely to engage back with texts than they are with emails or voicemails.

Freeing up employee time to focus on dealing with critical customer issues. Text messages can be personalized, scheduled in advance, and even automated to make responding to customer inquiries a breeze. Instead of wasting time hunting down phone numbers, leaving voicemails, and writing out emails, team members can deal with customer issues one-on-one.

When customers feel valued and heard by businesses, they’re more likely to patronize said organizations. Businesses can ask for feedback after a purchase to gauge customer sentiment and check in on how things are going. Text messaging is also a great option for businesses looking to nurture long-term customers and keep their goods and services top-of-mind.

Consumers are comfortable with text messaging from personal conversations, and B2C industries are starting to take notice. Financial and technology companies have already jumped on this bandwagon with things like two-factor authentication, which has paved the way for other industries and businesses to take advantage of both the medium and the ready and willing audience. As more and more businesses start using text messaging as a way to engage with customers, the channel will become a new standard in the traditional lineup alongside email and phone calls.

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