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How Businesses Are Using Broadcast Messaging to Connect With Customers

Broadcast Messaging
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Kenect recently launched a new broadcast messaging feature to help businesses better communicate with customers, and now we are hearing how its being used in everyday situations, including one scenario we hadn’t thought of.

What is broadcast messaging?

Broadcast messaging is a new feature that allows businesses to send text messages to a group within their contact list, rather than sending out individual texts. Businesses who use Kenect will now be able to message large groups of customers all at once! This will dramatically change the way businesses communicate important information and cut down on the time employees spend on customer interactions.

This new product was created after getting feedback from businesses who use Kenect. They were looking for a new way to interact with customers on a larger scale. The main idea is to have a tool that is fast, simple, and would help streamline costs.

How do businesses use broadcast messaging?

Since its launch, hundreds of businesses who use Kenect added the broadcast messaging feature, and we are starting to hear how it’s working.

Members of our customer success team shared a couple of examples of how this us being used.

“I have a customer that signed up for Broadcast Messaging to re-engage their Spring 2021 customers who came in for a Tune-Up. We were able to work through their list and clean it up in order to make sure we didn't contact any customers we weren't supposed to. They wanted to focus on returning customers for the Spring Tune-up special. They started creating lists of customers and are beginning to schedule tune-up reminders to go out monthly.”

Many of our customers are using this feature to send out service reminders or special offers. Some are also using it to get information out about changes in hours, or news about their particular shop.

However, we did hear one interesting way a business is using broadcast messaging, and it’s something we hadn’t thought of. Here’s the story from one of our customer success team members.

“One company in particular was having a difficult time trying to figure out the best way to talk with their internal employees. When I first brought up broadcast, they were not interested in using it for outside marketing. It was not something they could figure out a good use case for. It was a hard conversation to have, and we could not figure out a way for them to benefit. After a phone call or two I started talking about internal processes and how they communicate. Come to find out they did not have any effective way of communicating with their employees and wanted to make sure they did. They signed up for broadcast messaging and majority of what they are using it for is to communicate for internal events, meetings, and other things going on. This is just one way that you can use the feature outside the box.”

As we have seen, broadcast messaging can be used in a variety of ways, and we are still learning more about its full potential as more businesses add the feature to their Kenect platform.

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