Employee Highlights: Kelli Woods

Oct 8
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Employee Highlights

This edition of Employee Highlights features our very own Kelli Woods!

What is your role at Kenect?

Kelli: I am a Customer Success Manager at Kenect. That means I am the advocate for my customer when they have suggestions or complaints for our platform. I also provide best practices to ensure the customer is getting the most from our platform as well as share some new features that can enhance the customer’s experience with Kenect. I also work to ensure all expectations are being met and our customers want to continue to work with Kenect year over year.

Favorite part about the culture at Kenect?

Kelli: My favorite part about the culture of Kenect is that I have made friends for life during my time at Kenect. I have never felt so close to my teammates as I have at Kenect. There is something special about each person that works here and I am super grateful for the friendships that have blossomed during my time at Kenect.

Favorite movie villain? How would you beat them?

Kelli: My favorite movie villain is Jafar from Aladdin. I would defeat him by making a wish to send him to the end of the earth just like he did to Aladdin where he would be far away from causing the havoc that he causes.

What would you do on a free weekend?

Kelli: A completely empty weekend would start by playing a round of golf with my husband (and beating him), going for a nice long trail run in the mountains, and spending time with my nieces and nephew and having a sleepover full of candy and full house! And of course if it is football season, we are watching our Utes dominate OR if it is basketball season, I am cheering on my Tarheels!

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