Employee Highlights: Bentley Boyens

Oct 6
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Employee Highlights

The employees here at team Kenect are one-of-a-kind. For this first edition of Employee Highlights, we interview the legendary Bentley Boyens.

What is your role at Kenect?

Bentley: My role here at Kenect is Sales Development. Every day I wake up with the excitement of talking to someone new and helping them achieve their goals. I build relationships with law firms via email, phone calls, and texting. Staying organized and motivated is the key to success in sales development.

Favorite part about the culture at Kenect?

Bentley: My favorite part about the culture here at Kenect is one of the company values, Team is Family. I have worked for other companies that have professed this type of culture, but Kenect lives it. I feel like I have worth as an individual within the walls of Kenect. Executives take time to know me personally. Managers are understanding when I have something come up and treat me like an adult. I am super thankful that I am apart of this Family.

Greatest trip you ever took?

Bentley: The greatest trip I have ever been on was in spring of 2017, back when travel was not only acceptable, but encouraged. My wife and I took a trip to Europe. We did everything from hike the shores of Cinque Terre, watched Les Miserables in England, kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and of course tour the Harry Potter Studio in London. We also ate our weight in bread.

A professional basketball team plays a professional soccer team in basketball.

A professional soccer team plays a professional basketball team in soccer.

Which is more likely to win BOTH games?

Bentley: Using my sound logic and reason, I determined that the professional basketball team would take the dub in both games. The way I see it, basketball has the height advantage, there is no physical way that a soccer team can beat a basketball team. On the other end, the basketball players might be out of shape compared to soccer players, but they are still world class athletes. I expect that some basketball players could get lucky and score a goal or two. GO SPORTS!

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