Early FAQ About our LawPay Partnership: Text-to-Pay for Law Firms

Dec 8
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Business Texting

As you may know, we launched a very significant partnership with LawPay last week. You can read more about the partnership HERE and HERE.

Basically, law firms can now use LawPay + texting to gather payments. We’ve done five total webinars about the integration so far, attended by nearly 1500 people, and we’ve gotten a lot of questions. Here are the most common questions we’ve gotten on these webinars and the answer to them:

Why is collecting payments via text better than just calling them, or sending them a LawPay link via email?

This is probably the most important question to ask and the easiest question to answer. Data shows that most Americans don’t answer the phone when it’s a number they don’t recognize, and they certainly don’t listen to or respond to voicemails (less than 1% of voicemails left by businesses are responded to).

So, if you’re planning on collecting payments from a phone call or an email, you’re in for some frustration. Your client won’t answer, will ignore you, and even if they WANT to answer, you’re likely going to be playing phone tag for hours, or days, or weeks.

What about email?

Email open rates hover around 10%. That means 90% of the emails businesses send do not get opened and certainly don’t get read. This number is getting worse, as more businesses fill our inboxes with emails.

As for that 10% of people who open emails, they likely won’t open them when they’re at work, with their family, etc. So, they’ll open them and pay you in days, not minutes. At the very best, you’ll send an email in the morning and they’ll pay you at night, so you’re not getting paid for several hours. That’s too long in 2021…and keep in mind that’s a tiny minority of people. Most people (90%) aren’t even opening the email to begin with.

So why is texting different?

Texting is different because 98% of people open and read text messages they receive. 96% open and read texts within 3 MINUTES. Compare that the 1% response rate for voicemails, or the 10% open rate for emails.

If you start to collect payments via texting, our estimates are that you’ll get paid 85% faster (that’s conservative btw). You’ll get paid in MINUTES, not hours or days or weeks.

Do I need to give out my personal cell phone to use Kenect?

NO! That’s the entire reason we built Kenect, so you don’t have to give out your personal cell. With Kenect, you can send and receive text messages with your existing business phone number. We simply text enable that number.

So all you have to do is log into Kenect to send and receive text messages.

Imagine getting all the benefits of texting without having to give out your personal cell.

Will the payments go directly into my LawPay accounts and my practice management or case management system?

Yes. The backend of LawPay and the data you see in your case management or practice management system is the same. The only thing that changes is that you can now request payments via text.

You’ll get paid faster and more often.

Do I have to be a Kenect and a LawPay customer to use the integration?

Yes. You’ve got to enroll in Kenect and LawPay to use this integration.

How do I become a Kenect customer?

Just go to Kenect.com and request a demo, or text us or call us at (888) 972-7422

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