Dealership Success Story: Topper's RV

Sep 29
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Customer Success Story

Who is Topper’s RV?

Since being founded in 1967, Topper's RV has become known as one of the oldest and largest RV dealers in the Houston/Harris County area. RV Dealers Magazine has several times awarded Topper's RV as one of the Top 50 RV dealerships in North America, and elite blue-ribbon status.


·       Customers becoming less responsive to phone calls and voicemails.

·       Needed a simpler solution for customers to prepay for special orders in Parts & Service Previously attempted solutions involved using multiple companies.

·       Needed to consolidate.

·       Phone calls wasting time in service. No paper trail from phone calls.

Kenect Solutions:

·       Text-enable main business number, maintain communication with customers via text.

·       Request payments via Kenect Text-to-Pay.

·       Kenect provides all-in-one solution for texting, reviews, and payments.

·       Parts & Service uses Kenect texting to give updates.

·       Paper trail is now available for every interaction.

“Kenect allowed us to stop using three separate companies for texting, reviews, and payments. It's made everything a lot easier, quicker, and streamlined throughout the day.” - Larry Troutt General Manager, Topper's RV


·       10,702 text messages sent in 6 months.

·       $15k over Text-to-Pay in 5 months

·       44% of Review Requests are completed. Nearly one in two review request texts at Topper's RV results in a completed online review from customers.

·       The 'Text Us' widget on the Topper's RV website has created 300+ website leads.

"I thought Kenect was going to be more important on the service side, but then it ended up being more valuable total dealership. It's really helped efficiency throughout the day because we can just text updates to our customers without having to break away from our routine."

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