Dealership Success Story: Snow's Polaris

Jul 27
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Customer Success Story

Who is Snow’s Polaris?

Snow's Polaris is a 3-location dealership in the Pittsburgh market and Top 30 Volume Polaris Dealer in the nation. With over 300 new/pre-owned Polaris vehicles to choose from and a 5,000 square foot service building, Snow's Polaris is a one-stop shop for sales, parts, and service. They pride themselves in customer service with No Hassle, No Haggle Pricing, and No Hidden Fees. 


Snow’s Polaris had a few key challenges:

- Difficult to reach customers via phone during work hours
- Struggled to gather consistent online reviews Needed website to produce more inbound leads
- Had to ask for credit card information over the phone to collect payments 


Kenect solutions to solve each challenge:

- Text-enable main business number, begin communication with customers via text
- Text review requests to every satisfied customer Install 'Text Us' widget on company website to increase inbound leads
- Use Text-to-Pay to collect payments/deposits 


"I recommend all dealerships use Kenect. If you're not reaching out to your customers with text message now-a-days, then you're missing the boat.”

12,451 total text messages sent 

"We use Kenect in to send updates and answer questions on vehicles currently in service." 

Steady stream of 5-star reviews 

"Kenect allows us to gather more reviews and build a better customer base." 

More leads, More revenue 

"Communicating with more customers results in more closed sales." 

Text-to-Pay used in Service and Sales 

"I just say 'Hey I'm gonna shoot you over a payment link'. It's a LOT easier to grab deposits." 

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