Dealership Success Story: Higgins Powersports

May 23
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Customer Success Story

Who is Higgins Powersports?

Higgins Powersports is a family-owned dealership located in central Massachusetts. They have over 45 years of experience and provide top quality service from top-rated professionals. They sell everything from ATVs, Side-by-Sides's, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and more!


  • Phone lines were backlogged because of limited staffing
  • Contacting customers in a timely matter was difficult
  • Keeping up with service demand while communicating with customers was a struggle

Kenect Solutions:

  • Kenect relieved the number of incoming calls by texting
  • Texting was so much quicker so more customers could be contacted
  • The service Department was less overwhelmed because the were spending less time on the phone

"Based on the number of phone calls we save by using Kenect, we are saving approximately 50 hours of labor weekly that would have been spent talking on the phone with customers. That time allows us to help more customers and give better service to more people every day." - Melissa Bonenfant, Higgins Powersports


·       259 reviews since starting with Kenect

·       50 hours of labor saved weekly

·       Major upsells and service projects approved because of video updates and live chats

"Kenect continues to show that it is the best texting service on the market today for dealerships like ours."

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