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Customer Success Story: Hall & Navarro Law Firm

Customer Success Story
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Who is Hall & Navarro?‍

Hall & Navarro provides quality counsel, and sound, cost-effective legal solutions to individuals and businesses throughout Southeast Georgia and the surrounding counties. With over 75 years of combined legal experience, their lawyers have earned the respect of clients and Georgia’s legal community through our high-quality legal work, professionalism, and ethical standards. 


Hall & Navarro had a few key challenges:

Staying in contact with customers efficiently and keeping track of leads 

Many employees were giving out their personal cell number and getting calls at all hours 

Phone calls were taking too long to schedule service and part replacements 


Kenect had solutions to solve each challenge:

Other texting services were expensive and hard to use 

Weren't able to send important documents and files through text 

Response time was slow with phone calls and emails, weren't following up on questions as quickly as they would've liked 

How Kenect solved these issues

Kenect is easier to use AND more cost effective than other text messaging services 

Kenect has the ability to send photos, video, files and more through text to answer clients quickly 

With Kenect, response time is much quicker than a phone call or email. Clients questions are answered quickly and efficiently! 

“We'll never leave Kenect because we love how we were able to convert our existing phone number to a textable number! This made for an extremely smooth transition for our clients. We also tell clients our preferred method is texting and broadcast that on our social channels, voicemail, and email!” - Hayden LaTulip, Marketing & Ops Manager at Hall & Navarro Law Firm


Kenect’s Clio Integration saves time!

“We love that Kenect integrates with Clio. That way when we text a new client or get a new lead, their information automatically syncs into Clio for us to follow up. We also love that you can set case status triggers when a case is opened or closed! It keeps us much more organized." 

Payments are easier with Kenect

Over 200k in payments processed in 7 months!

Paralegals Love Kenect

“Our paralegals use Kenect to text with clients, send documents, answer quick questions so we don’t have to have a 30 minute phone call, and are able to screen leads before we pick up the phone and call them! We also collect payments with Kenect and it’s so useful to get people to pay us on time!”

Kenect - Reputation Management for Dealerships

Dealers that use Kenect 2x or even 3x their Google reviews in the first 90 days of working with Kenect. See how.