Collecting Client Payments via Text: Introducing the LawPay + Kenect Integration

Dec 8
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McKay Allen:

Thanks for jumping on today everybody, we're excited about this partnership and this presentation. So by way of introductions as I said, I'm McKay Allen, I'm on the marketing team at Kenect. Been at Kenect for about 20 months and live here in Salt Lake City. Annie, why don't you just take a second and introduce everybody to you?

Annie Hinners:

Yeah. I'm Annie Hinners, I am the LawPay brand manager here. I've been with LawPay for about five and a half years now, which is crazy to think about. I'm from Austin, Texas, I'm still in Austin, Texas, have never left. I love Austin so much so if you need a place to visit, Austin is where it's at. And yeah, just happy to be on here and to talk with McKay about this new partnership.

Who is Kenect?

McKay Allen:

So who is Kenect? We're based outside of Salt Lake City, we're a text messaging platform built for law firms throughout North America. So essentially what we allow you to do is keep your main law firm phone number but send and receive texts to and from that number. So basically make your number textable, that simple. So you get the benefits of texting without ever having to give out your personal cell phone number.

We did a poll on a recent webinar we had with 300 or 400 people on and about 78% of the lawyers on that call said that they were still actively giving out their personal cell number. So you get the benefits of texting without having to do that with Kenect. You just log to Kenect and you can send and receive text messages, which allows you to communicate more efficiently, which allows you to generate new leads. Because what we do is we basically put a little text us button on your webpage that allows you to generate new leads and also conduct live video consultations as well, which helps and streamlines intake process and then drive online reviews with texting as well. So all these things you can do with texting just by us making your number textable, which is really cool and really powerful.


We're integrated with the leading case management systems in the legal industry. We're integrated with Panther, Clio, Rocket Matter, Filevine, Clio Grow, Case Pacer. We've also got the following partners on there, and then of course LawPay. So how do we do it? Two way text messaging for your law firm so you don't need to give out your personal cell number, web leads straight from your website, video chat for virtual consultations, and then online review generation. All this is done with texting, all of it's done by just logging into Kenect. And as I said, we make your main number a textable line. So your texting clients from Kenect, from that main number, your clients just receive what looks like to them like a normal text message because it is a normal text message. But your employees, your team is logging into Kenect to send it. So it's really powerful, really easy to use.

Why Text Messaging?

Why text messaging? Why are we obsessed with it? Look, bottom line is most clients would prefer to interact with a business with a text message rather than a phone call, they just would. 98% of all text messages are opened, 96% of clients say phone calls are disruptive. I will go out on a limb here and say that texting is the biggest change in communication methods since the invention of the telephone 110 years ago, so this has dramatically altered the way that people communicate with one another and the way they expect to communicate with businesses. So they expect you to be able to text them, they want to text you, and they would like you to text them back.

As I mentioned, we add that text us button to your website that allows you to generate more leads. This is how it works, you log into the Kenect texting inbox, you send and receive text messages from this. It looks and functions a lot like an email inbox but it's for texting. You can see the little payment icon, the dollar sign right there on the bottom right, we'll dig into how that works today. We've also got the Kenect mobile app that you can download on your smartphone when you're a customer. You can assign leads to teams to individuals, you can quick reply, you can request a review, you can send photos, videos, PDFs, attachments, DocuSign. You can do live video chat, you can schedule messages in the future, and as I said, you can request payment. So it's really slick, really easy to use, and really simple.

Kenect video chat, a lot of law firms use this for intake, to streamline their intake in that initial consultation. So it just basically keeps a video call in line in the text thread, which is really slick. So top eight ways law firms use Kenect, schedule consultations and send appointment reminders to streamline intake, send case updates, video chat with clients, send and receive photos, videos, PDFs, DocuSign, et cetera, generate reviews. So there's a ton of ways law firms are using Kenect and we're really excited about this. So Annie, why don't we come to you? Tell us a little bit about LawPay, how it works and then we'll dive into the payment integration.

Who is LawPay?

Annie Hinners:

Yeah, definitely. So LawPay, we are an online payment solution for legal professionals. So for example, if a client comes into your office and wants to pay you a $5,000 retainer and say they want to pay that via credit card or echeck, we help you facilitate that process, keeping you completely PCI compliant with the state bar as well.

So some fun facts about us as you see on the screen right here is that we've been in the payments business for a long time, over 15 years to be exact. We are vetted and approved by all 50 state bars, 60+ local and specialty bars, and we're the only payment solution offered through the ABA and ALA programs. And we support a large variety of firms and legal professionals across the United States and Canada. And then lastly, we host free, live, daily webinars every month, given by our variable beloved director of education ethics, Claude Ducloux. So if you haven't checked that out, he is awesome and we have a lot of live and on demand CLE webinars that you can get credit for, so check that out.

And then yeah, so the LawPay difference, so what really makes us different? So first and foremost, we understand the importance of and ethics behind keeping your trust IOLTA account separate from your general and operating account, and so our technology was made with that in mind. So no debits are ever allowed from your trust account, everything gets debited from your operating account only. So you can trust, pun intended, that LawPay has your best interest in mind with keeping you compliant in your payments and with the state bar.

Another thing that makes us different is that our customer support team is just second to none. So another fun fact, I actually used to be on the customer success team here at LawPay. I told you guys that I've been with LawPay for five and a half years, and actually the customer support team was my first job, so I learned the product inside and out. But I think the coolest thing about being on that team and getting to experience talking to customers is that everyone on our support team has a common goal of creating and encouraging a supportive customer experience for our customers. So I was taught to pick up the phone after the first ring and not let anyone go to voicemail.

So whenever you call and have a problem, you're actually going to get a person that used to be my coworker. So I know these people, they're awesome, which is great. And it's really rare to find this type of support in the tech world. And that's one thing that makes LawPay unique in that our top priority is making sure our customers are just fully equipped and feel confident in our platform.

And then the other two items that make us different is that we have some really great features in functionality like reporting and payment options that help you get paid and be able to reconcile really well. So with our LawPay software you can pull monthly, daily transaction based reports that can help you with reconciliation and month end reporting. And then also like I mentioned, we have a large number of features that can help you get paid in any way that fits your firm. So for example, if you want your clients to come in and pay you on the spot, we have a tool for that. If you're completely remote and want your clients to pay with a link online or on your website or via text, we have a tool for that. If your clients can't pay in full and need to set up recurring automatic payments, we have a tool for that. So the list goes on with all the different types of payment methods you can offer your clients. These are just a handful of reasons why LawPay is different and unique, and that's a little bit more about LawPay.

Kenect + LawPay Integration Details

McKay Allen:

Okay, let's talk through this integration and how this works. So we hear these reactions and feedback from our customers when they talk about payments. So my clients aren't paying their legal bills, my accounts receivable is getting out of hand. It's a pain taking virtual payments, we don't feel comfortable writing out a credit card number on a sticky note, which good, you shouldn't. Initial payments and retainers are difficult within our CRM, my clients aren't seeing the payment links in their email inbox and they won't return my voicemails, that's one of the things we hear the most.

Emails are open between 9% and 12% of the time and voicemails are checked less than 1% of the time is the data that we have gathered, and compare that to texting where 98% of text messages are opened. Ultimately they're saying look, we need an easier way to collect payments, because some of these methodologies that we've used for a long time aren't effectively getting the link to our client. I don't know if you guys have heard of feedback as well, Annie, tell me what are your thoughts on this feedback on the screen.

Annie Hinners:

Oh yeah, I definitely agree with all of that. I mean we always hear from prospective clients they just need easier ways to get paid, they don't know how to get their clients to pay. And even some of our customers still, clients just, their clients just don't really want to pay. The case is going on, the case is done and then they're like, oh, it's done, check, I'm not going to pay them anymore. And so that's the biggest pain point I believe that law firms and legal professionals have, and there's so many tools out there like you were saying that can help facilitate that, but clients still, they just don't seem to pay. So definitely I agree with that.

McKay Allen:

Yeah, it's a challenge and I think that's one of the reasons we're so excited about this integration. So essentially what this allows you to do is you have to be a customer of both tools to be super clear, you've got to be a LawPay customer and a Kenect customer, we'll show you how to get signed up with both. But you can now collect payments via text. Our data indicates that this is going to be 85% faster to collection when using texting, and most of your clients would prefer that their attorneys text them rather than call.

So while you are engaging with somebody you click on request payment, I put the red circle on the wrong thing. Click on request payments in the Kenect mobile app or online and they then pay. They see you this screen, they then pay, and that information is associated with the correct merchant account within LawPay, the data is all in LawPay. And you tell me if I'm wrong, Annie, but the data's also in the case management system they're using because LawPay is integrated with those in most cases. So the data is in all the places, this is just a methodology to collect the payment. Is that, did I state that correctly, Annie, in terms of how that will work?

Annie Hinners:

Yep, you did. Yeah, so if you're integrated with case management solution and you're able to connect LawPay and Kenect then yeah, if you pay via Kenect you'll see that reflected in both.

McKay Allen:

Awesome. So here's just another view. Just another, I just wanted to show it again. So while you're texting Darrell, so you're, you're the law firm, you're Rubenstein Law, you're texting Darrell Robertson up here, you click on request payment. You put in the information that you are asking for, the amount, what's the invoice number, what's the description, the account that's associated with LawPay. And then they receive a text that looks like this. They know it's from your firm, they know it's from you, and they will pay far more frequently than any other method because they open it 98% of the time as opposed to 10% of the time on an email.

The beauty of this is you're not having to, I've still been in law firms that still are collecting, putting sticky notes with credit card numbers written on them. Like you guys see that probably all the time, Annie, and that's one of the reasons they need to use LawPay. But again, you don't have to use those antiquated methods anymore. You can text with this Kenect and LawPay integration and receive payment immediately.

Okay, so how does it work with LawPay? LawPay plus Kenect customers can now collect payments via text. Easy to sign up, we'll walk you through the enrollment. And you get the same great processing rates and service from LawPay that you're used to. So same rates, everything's the same, you just can now do this via text if you're a customer of both Kenect and LawPay. So anything to add there, Annie, on how this will work and what you're seeing from customers on this?

Annie Hinners:

Yeah, definitely. So we actually did, and I think you'll touch on this later, but we did a webinar with our customer base called Coffee with LawPay about this and everyone was really excited and they were actually, one of the common questions they asked was how can I text my clients and use this Kenect and LawPay integration without using my personal number? Because sometimes you probably don't want to give out your personal number. And McKay, you can talk more about this with Kenect, but there is a way to do that. So I'm going to actually shoot that back over to you.

McKay Allen:

Yeah, so that's the real benefit of Kenect is you simply log into the Kenect texting inbox and send text messages. So with Kenect you will never, ever have to send your personal, you'll never have to text with your personal number ever again. That's the beauty of it. So if I go back up to the Kenect inbox on the screen there you should be seeing, is your texting will be from your business number. By logging into Kenect we will make your business number textable. So when your clients text the law firm they're going to be texting your business number and those text messages are going to go into this inbox. And when you text back the reply from you will be from your business number so they're not going to be receiving a bunch of text messages from random numbers, nor are you having to give out your personal cell.

So you get the benefits of texting without having to give out your personal cell, which I know is a pain for a thousand reasons. So that's one of the reasons I think it's taken off with law firms is attorneys are so used to giving out their personal cell and they hate it, you don't have to do that anymore. Send text messages from your main number, and now with this integration you can collect payments with that main number. Which great, great point to Annie to bring up because that's one of the things we hear from law firms, sometimes we'll get questions like, so do I need to buy everyone in my firm new cell phones to use Kenect? No, everybody can just download the Kenect mobile app and then you can log into Kenect from any device anywhere and send text messages from it as well.

Annie Hinners:

And that way if you have a business card and that firm number is on the business card, you don't even have to update your contact information because your clients will be able to text that number, Kenect will be able to transfigure that, and you'll actually be able to communicate with your clients via that number. So it's a really, really great tool, very modern. And you know as a millennial, I'm all about the texting, that's my main form of communication.

McKay Allen:

Yeah, you know what's funny is we here all the time firms will be like, man, some of my clients are older, are they going to text? Our data shows that there really is no difference in text volume if someone is under 75.

Annie Hinners:

Oh wow.

McKay Allen:

75 years old is the breakage. So if you're under 75, if your clients are under 75 there's actually very little difference in the number of text messages someone sends or receives in a day. And I'll tell you anecdotally, so I'm on a family text, and I'm actually going to look at my phone and look. I'm on a family text thread so it's my mom and dad who are in their sixties, my three siblings and all of our spouses, so it's like 10 of us. And guess who texts the most on that thread? My mom who's 65. So she is sending maybe 70% of the total text messages on that thread so age is not a hurdle with this stuff, people are used to it.

Annie Hinners:

You're right, you're totally right.

Why this Integration?

McKay Allen:

All right, so why this integration? Look, our early data indicates that you will collect payments 85% faster. 85% faster payment collection, our early data also indicates that you'll receive late payments and collect them nearly 100% of the time. So if you've got people who have not paid you for a while, text them, they cannot ignore a text. Most law firms, and by most I mean 89%, prefer attorneys text them rather than call.

I think the 98% stat here is maybe the most important statistic on the whole slide. Look, voicemails are not going to be checked, phone calls increasingly are not answered, emails are open 10 to 12% of the time-ish, 98% of text messages are open and read. So look, if you want people to see your message and you want to get paid, text, it's that simple. Any of these stats jump out to you, Annie, specifically that you're like, oh wow, that's surprising to me or I hadn't heard that one before?

Annie Hinners:

Oh, I was going to say when I initially saw this that 96% are read within three minutes, I mean wow, that is so fast. And so if you think about it with payments, if you're texting your clients and they're reading it within three minutes, you could probably get paid within three to five minutes after you send out the text. So it just makes speed of communication and speed of doing business a lot faster.

McKay Allen:

That's a great point. And you know what's funny is we've had some people be skeptical about this 85% number you're seeing on the screen because that seems like crazy. And it's like well think about it, if you send an email that has a LawPay link in it to get paid, you're probably going to get paid next day, same day, but it's probably going to be six to eight hours before they pay. If you send a text you will probably get paid within minutes, like five minutes. And so that number we think is a little conservative actually, you're going to get paid very quickly and it's exciting.

Okay, easy setup for existing LawPay customers. So if you're an existing customer of a LawPay, which I know many of you on this webinar are, what is the process? First you have to enroll in Kenect. We can get you on a demo, we can sign you up with Kenect. Then we turn on the integration, we'll show you how to do that. It's really simple, in like three slides we'll show you how to do that. And then your Kenect activation managers going to walk you through logging into the LawPay account to finalize the setup. So this is the thing that takes minutes and is really simple. And we know most of you are LawPay customer already so it's really just these three steps. It's pretty, pretty slick, Annie.

Okay, let's tough processing rates. Anything you want to add to this? Sometimes people are like, man, what other costs are there? You have to be a Kenect customer so you have to become a Kenect customer, but the processing rates are the same for this as they would be for any other LawPay method, is that right?

Annie Hinners:

Exactly. Yeah, this is our standard processing. So whether you're getting paid or sending out payment links and clients paying online via a link, through a scheduled payment, through any of our other functionality, or via connected to Kenect, these are this standard processing rates and fees that we have across the board. So you're not paying any more or any less whenever you are connecting with Kenect.:

Yeah, well we just think that this integration is going to be so good for your business and so good for your firm. Just from the number of things that we've talked about before this and so we really want to encourage you guys to try it. We really want to encourage you guys to set it up, set up that integration and see for yourself how easy and how much faster it is to get paid via text, and how easy and simple it is for your clients to do that. Because they're already texting anyways, they're already doing things through text and so this is just another way for them to connect with you. I feel like I keep using the word connect and then Kenect, it's funny. So yeah, we want to make it easy for you guys to get it set up and we want to really incentivize you guys to try it out because we think it's a great new partnership that you all should take advantage of.

How to integrate my Kenect account with LawPay

McKay Allen:

Awesome. Yeah, we do too, please take advantage of this. So I want to actually show you how simple this is. So once you're signed up with Kenect, you've got to sign up with Kenect and LawPay first to be super clear, but once you are this is how easy it works. You go into Kenect, you choose integrations, you choose the LawPay integration. You click refresh, it shows you which merchant accounts you want to add, allows you to funnel the money into whatever account you choose, and you're done. And then you can start sending payments via text. So payment requests via text, rather. So it's really simple, really slick, really easy.

Q&A Session

So let's do this, why don't we take some questions, Annie. And we've got a ton of them, keep them coming. So this is how by the way if you want to learn more, just text this number, 888-972-7422, you can text or call us at that number. You can also go to and request the demo. So let's go through some of these questions, you ready for some QA, Annie?

Annie Hinners:

I am.

do you have any plans to integrate with HubSpot?

McKay Allen:

Okay. Erin asks, do you have any plans to integrate with HubSpot? We use HubSpot as our CRM and then Clio as our practice management, we also use LawPay. So yes, we are actually actively building a HubSpot integration as we speak. So yeah, we're in integrated with Clio, we will be integrated with HubSpot, and of course we're now integrated with LawPay. So hope that answers your question, Erin.

Does LawPay have options for clients to apply for credit to pay fees?

John asked, and this is a question for you, does LawPay have options for clients to apply for credit to pay fees?

Annie Hinners:

Ah, that's a very good question. So we are currently in the works and about to start a beta program for a new feature called client credit, and it's exactly what you're asking. It's a financing option that you can give to your clients as another payment method. And so we're partnering with a firm, which is one of those buy no pay later solutions and we're going to be incorporating that on your LawPay payment page when the time comes. So we're hoping to launch this probably in March 2022. So in Q1 you will get notices of this, we will be sending out ways to get this set up, we'll be sending out tutorials and things like that. But in the meantime if you have questions you can always email us and we'll be happy to answer them.

If we use LawPay and it is synced to Clio will this automatically reflect the trust deposit within Clio upon on payment?

McKay Allen:

Susan asks so if we use LawPay and it is synced to Clio will this automatically reflect the trust deposit within Clio upon on payment? I'll give a quick answer that the answer is yes, but clarify if I messed up or you want give more detail, Annie.

Annie Hinners:

Nope, that's right. Yeah, you should be able to see that both reflected in your LawPay and Clio accounts if you pay via Kenect.

I've been told that client should not be allowed to make retainer payments online, what is different about Kenect with what you just demonstrated that a retainer can be taken through Kenect?

McKay Allen:

Virginia says, I've been told that client should not be allowed to make retainer payments online, what is different about Kenect with what you just demonstrated that a retainer can be taken through Kenect? So I don't know where you were told that, Virginia, I would suggest you should be able to take retainer payments online via text. Let your clients pay you and give them as many options to pay you as quickly as possible. So I think you should 100% allow retainer payments online and via text specifically. Annie, any thoughts on that?

Annie Hinners:

No, I agree. I think like you said, giving your clients more options to pay you, whether that's online or not, or via text, definitely give them that option. With LawPay you don't have to worry about anything with your retainer, like I said, your account whenever you set up your trust and your operating account, your trust account is completely protected. So there's nothing ethically wrong with going with LawPay and taking payments that way. And then certainly with this Kenect integration we've done our due diligence, we've made sure that the money gets into the right account at the right time. So yeah, like McKay said, definitely do it.

Can you set automated appointment reminders and use this instead of other CRMs?

McKay Allen:

Trevor asks can you set automated appointment reminders and use this instead of other CRMs? By this I think you mean Kenect. Yeah, look Trevor, yes you can. So you can appointment reminders based on triggers within the CRM, which is really cool, and then you can also schedule them. So Kenect allows you to send and receive appointment, I guess send appointment reminders, schedule those appointment reminders via text. So you could send a text the morning of an appointment to a client and say, hey, remember your appointment with Jim at 11:00. So that is a really common use case of the Kenect platform, yes.

How secure is the texting platform?

John asked how secure is the texting platform? So here's what I'll say about the security of the platform itself, we are really secure and also really secure in terms of the access provided. So for example, no employee of yours or you, no one at your firm can see credit card information within Kenect, it is not possible to view it. So that I think removes a lot of the concern immediately because no one can see the credit card information, think of Kenect as just a methodology to collect the payment. So that data you've always seen within your CMS and within LawPay is still there, it's just that Kenect is now sending the text to receive it. So no one can see the payment information within the Kenect platform.

There was already a request payment function in Kenect, how was LawPay different from what is there?

Gregory asked there was already a request payment function in Kenect, how was LawPay different from what is there? So you're right, we did have a request payment function in Kenect before, but what we found is nobody used it because they were LawPay customers. So that's why we were so excited to start working with LawPay because we think we can combine the power and the benefit of texting with what LawPay has already done to revolutionize payments in the legal industry. Annie, any thoughts on that or any questions on that?

Annie Hinners:

Yeah, when I was talking to Mike who's also with Kenect, he was saying that people were coming up to them at their booth and just asking them, oh I use LawPay, can I use it in Kenect? And we were trying to figure out workarounds, you could text a payment link via Kenect and but it wouldn't actually be integrated. And so yeah, that's why we decided to really move forward with this integration. And like McKay was saying, it's just an easier and simpler way to use both your LawPay and Kenect accounts to get paid.

What are statistics around those blocking your text and do clients find texts intrusive?

McKay Allen:

John and Connie have two similar questions, so what are statistics around those blocking your text and do clients find texts intrusive? So I'm going to say this totally, hopefully unequivocally, they do not find it intrusive at all. They find phone calls much more intrusive. So if you get a phone call reminding you of an appointment that phone call could come at a bad time, they could be at work, they could be with their family. Simply put, texts are not intrusive. Now of course if you send them 100 texts a day, which you wouldn't, no person would do that, then sure. But no, they will find this far less intrusive and far more convenient than a phone call always, always. So we've seen precisely the opposite, like these are just not intrusive methods of communication.

Most of our clients are outside the US, can Kenect send a text message to a foreign phone number?

Albert asked most of our clients are outside the US, can Kenect send a text message to a foreign phone number? So look, the only limited we have right now is it has to be the standard US style phone number format. So Canada has a similar format, it works in Canada, it works in the US. It does not work for like Mexico phone numbers or European phone numbers at the moment. We may expand there but right now it's US and Canada. Let's see, Bonnie says, Barry is calling to get this right now for our office. That's great news.

Do you send request for payment through Kenect or from LawPay?

Adam asks do you send request for payment through Kenect or from LawPay? So my understanding is the text messages would be sent directly from Kenect and would be integrated into the LawPay backend. I think there's plans in phase two of the integration to expand that but right now it is the text would be sent from Kenect and then everything would integrate into the LawPay backend? Is that correct, Annie, from your understanding as well?

Annie Hinners:

Correct. Yeah, and then once you see some, if you send it from Kenect someone pays, you'll see that reflected in LawPay on your transactions tab. And I believe you'll also get notified via a LawPay email but also I believe Kenect will notify you as well whenever that client has paid too.

Is there a way we can customize the payment text request that goes out?

McKay Allen:

Susan asks is there a way we can customize the payment text request that goes out? Yes, you can put whatever verbiage you want in that text message. So you would write the text message, so let me see if I can show you a screenshot. Yeah, so this text message in blue here that says no need to call us, $3,000. I can send you a secure payment link via text message, that is totally customizable. Any of these things is just like any text message is totally customizable, you can write whatever you want and clarify what it's for, thank them for working with you, whatever you want.

Is the Kenect app special to the user or is there one account operated by multiple users? Can one attorney access their client's messages without the need to see other attorney's client's messages?

McKay Allen:

Let's see, Kayla asked is the Kenect app special to the user or is there one account operated by multiple users? Can one attorney access their client's messages without the need to see other attorney's client's messages? Yes, great question. So you can set up the account access within Kenect in any methodology you choose, in any way you choose. So you could say look, we're going to have only attorneys and legal assistants working on certain cases see those accounts and see those text messages, or you can make it so every attorney can see everything. You can make it so attorneys can see things and legal assistants can see things but only attorneys can reply to the text messages. You can literally set it up however you want. Think about how your case management system or your practice management system is structured, you can structure Kenect in the same way.

Does Kenect work with VoIP phones or do you need a traditional landline?

McKay Allen:

Does Kenect work with VoIP phones or do you need a traditional landline? Either one is fine and we will work with either, you don't need to change your phone number or anything.

Can you automate payment requests through Kenect?

Can you automate payment requests through Kenect? Yes you can, you can schedule. This is one of the really cool parts of the integration I think, Annie, is the ability to just say look, on the fifth of every month at 8:00am I want a text to go out to this customer, to this client saying here, pay us. It's the fifth of the month again, please pay us. Yep, you can 100% allow them to do that.

If a client card declines will it allow them to re-enter the info or how does that work with returned payments or declined?

This is a question for you Crystal is asking, because I don't know the answer so I hope you do. If a client card declines will it allow them to re-enter the info or how does that work with returned payments or declined?

Annie Hinners:

Depends on what it declined for. So if there are, say if there is a decline reason, there's insufficient funds in the bank account and the client tries to re-enter that credit card information and pay again and they haven't put money in their bank account, it's going to decline again. If they inputted their card number wrong and it declined for that reason and then the next time they input the card number correctly, it would go through. So it just depends. Sometimes the bank for some reason flags a card if there's a limit that was exceeded or something like that, that would be a decline reason. So if it does decline and the client may not know why, like if they did input their card information correctly or maybe they haven't checked their bank account and didn't see they didn't have enough funds, just email or call our support team and we will be able to let you know the reason code behind why it declined and we'll let you know next steps. So it's just kind of a case by case basis there.


McKay Allen:

The thing that we didn't even touch on that I should have is your clients will love this. So there's huge benefits for your firm, you get paid faster, it's simpler, you will instantly get rid of all your late payers. But your clients will love this. If you give them an option to pay this way, this is how they're going to want to pay all the time, I promise you because we've seen it in other industries. So we've got businesses that are using Kenect in other industries that are doing 90%+ of their overall payment volume through texting now, so we expect the same thing to be true with law firms. Your clients are going to love paying this way because why? Because we all text all day. That's what we do, so it's really cool. So thanks again, really appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time and have a fantastic Monday, everybody.

Annie Hinners:

Thanks guys.

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