Business Texting Success Story: Action Powersports

Nov 23
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"We used to call customers, but 75% of the time they wouldn't answer. So now we text them with Kenect, and they immediately text back."

-Justin Deonier, Owner at Action Powersports

Who is Action Powersports?

Action Powersports is the go-to dealership in the Tulsa area for powersports enthusiasts. They offer the best in new and pre-owned motorcycles and other powersports vehicles.

Their main mission is to exceed the expectations of their customers. This builds long-term relationships with their customers and drives the desire to keep innovating customer experience.


Action Powersports had some initial challenges:

- Needed more online reviews

- Employees wasting time with emails and phone calls that often went unanswered

- Customers were visiting the website but not contacting the dealership


Started the Kenect business texting solution:

- Every employee downloaded the Kenect app to communicate with customers via text

- A texting widget was installed on the Action Powersports website to increase web leads

- An online review request text message would be sent out after each sale


The results from business texting and web leads were immediately seen in the increase of reviews and website leads.

Employees caught on to the system quickly and usage spread to every department.

More than DOUBLED online reviews

Action Powersports employee sends a quick review request to each customer via text.

Increased web leads, more sales

Sales team started responding to website texts at night to set up deals for the following morning.

Cut time waste from calls/emails

Parts/Service department sends texts and receives immediate responses.

Increase in customer convenience

"I’ve seen much higher response with website texting rather than email. They see that “Text Us” button and it’s just easy."

"We signed up and thought, "Man, I hope this works." I don't think we could do without Kenect now. I wouldn't cancel it for anything."

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