Behind the Scenes: Kenect Golf Tournament

May 10
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Behind The Scenes

The Kenect team had some fun on Friday at the golf course! 

This fun team building activity was held at the TalonsCove Golf Club in Saratoga Springs. It gave a chance for new and old employees to mingle and chat while having some fun outside of the office. 

We had about 40 Kenect employees participate from all departments. The group was divided into 11 teams – each with 3-4 players. Each team played a “four man scramble” where players play off of the best shot for their score. 

The team also bonded over lunch beforehand and had a chance to mingle and talk some smack before the tournament began! 

Prizes were big - the winners (Graham Anderson, Cooper Hansen and Ben Higginson) received golf gloves, some balls, tees and this amazing trophy. Everyone received a Kenect golf ball as well. 

When asked how the tournament went, Austin Winnie jokingly said, “It was competitive and intense. It was the wild wild west of golf tournaments. Many relationships were severed.”

We’re so happy the team got to bond, have fun and mingle on the course! If you are interested in joining the Kenect team. Visit

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