Appointment Reminders by Text Message for Law Firms

Oct 8
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Let’s face it, people are forgetful. Your clients are no exception. Lawyers and attorneys fill up calendars with appointments and too often are left with no-shows and sudden reschedule requests.

This doesn’t need to be the case anymore. (no pun intended)

Hundreds of law firms across the country are implementing text messaging software in order to improve communication with clients and increase revenue. The large majority of consumers want to communicate with businesses via text message (89% prefer texts from businesses over phone calls).

Benefits of appointment reminders by text

1. Less No-Shows

We’re at a time in the world when we can eliminate the “I forgot” excuse once and for all. With 98% of text messages being read (95% in the first 90 seconds) we can send reminders to clients knowing that they will see them.

2. Easier Rescheduling

Instead of last-second rescheduling, clients will now be able to ask for a reschedule over text message. Whether this is in a response to your reminder text or simply a message sent to your text-enabled business line, it’ll be a simple process for the client.

3. More Revenue

Less cancellations and no-shows lead to more appointments. More appointments lead to more revenue for your firm.

4. Client Preference

Happy customers want to leave positive reviews and refer friends/family to your firm. Communicate with clients in their preferred method, by text message. The benefits of a text messaging strategy at your law firm benefit the customer just as much as your business.

How to start texting clients

The first step to get started is converting your business line to become text-enabled. Once that is done, create a plan for the schedule you want.


1. Send confirmation text immediately after scheduling appointment

2. Send reminder 24 hours before appointment time

3. Send second reminder 1 hour before appointment time

Once appointment reminders are in full swing, try implementing a text message that requests an online review. This will allow clients to follow a quick link and leave a review for your law firm in a matter of seconds. Most customers simply don’t leave a review because it’s a hassle. So make it easy!

Another big thing to consider implementing is text-to-pay. Decrease the amount of outstanding invoices and request payments from clients in a way they are sure to notice.


Ditch the unread email reminders or the unheard voicemails. Text messaging is a sure way to keep in close contact with clients and ensure appointments are not forgotten. Rescheduling will become a simple process that can be tracked and followed by each employee at your firm to cut down on miscommunication and make operations that much more efficient.

Get texting for your business