A Quick Checklist to Help Get More Google Reviews

Oct 25
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The idea of getting Google Reviews may seem daunting at times, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure you are getting quality and quantity when it comes to feedback from customers.

The Google Reviews Problem.

Like it or not, Google reviews are the main driver when it comes to getting potential customers online. People would prefer to read a review of a company or business, rather than just hear a recommendation from a friend.

Also, it’s not just the content of the reviews. The star-rating is what Google uses to rank each business on its site.

So what can you do? We have talked about this in recent articles, but we want to give you a quick checklist to help you get started.

The Google Reviews Checklist.

1. Define Your Process: Write down a simple plan to get Google reviews at your business. Most companies don’t have this. This process does not need to be complex.

2. Determine an Owner: Put someone in charge of the process. The best process in the world doesn’t matter if someone isn’t in charge of it. Also, give them some sort of a bonus if they hit your monthly goal for reviews.

3. Use Texting Not Email: Most companies send an email asking for a review. That’s largely a waste of time. Around 1% of email review requests work. However, if you ask via text, you’ll get responses between 35% and 45% of the time.

4. Be Aggressive: Companies that sit back and wait to get good reviews, won’t get them. Aggressively seeking new, positive reviews is the only way you’ll succeed on Google.

Bottom Line.

This checklist is meant to be a starting point for you. There are several other factors that go into getting positive Google reviews, but you must start somewhere. We have posted several previous articles about this process that can work for dealerships, law firms, rental companies, wedding planning, and many other industries.

To see a copy of this checklist click here.

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