3 Tips to Maximize your Dealership from Anywhere with Motility & Kenect

May 3
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By Lizzy Painter | Director, Marketing at Motility Software

For years, Motility and Kenect have empowered dealers to effectively communicate, generate more leads, and drive online reviews.

Motility offers dealer management software (DMS) that provides real-time accessibility to your most critical dealership data. With the recent addition of MotilityAnywhere, you can improve insights and achieve peak performance wherever you are.

We all know the strange circumstances of 2020 drove a boom in the RV industry and we are still seeing the effects across the country. Busy season is on our heels and everything will be magnified — influx of new deals, fleeting inventory, plus the sheer volume of invoices, service tickets and work orders.

Now more than ever, you must evaluate your dealership software to streamline operations and meet the increasing industry demands. Here are 3 sure-fire tips to help you invest wisely and maximize your dealership from Anywhere:

1. Determine if you’re stuck in status quo…

Ask questions about your current solution:

• Does your DMS truly exceed expectations?

• Is it your vendor because you’ve “always had it”?

• Do you seem to always do things a certain way because “that’s the way it’s always done”?

• Is change overwhelming?

• Does my current solution help my business grow? Does it make me efficient?

Sometimes change is inevitable… But, you can’t change anything without causing some degree of disruption. Just remember — disruption brings opportunity!

2. Quit the dealership marathon.

How many times does your team run between desktops, units, and customers in a given day? Do you know how long it takes you to move units on the lot? The dealership marathon is inefficient and doesn’t provide scalability. With a web-based DMS, you’ll reap immediate rewards:

• Improved accessibility — anywhere, anytime.

• Accelerated dealer operations — from the bottom line to the dotted line.

• Enhanced productivity — do more with less.

3. Create a seamless flow of information.

Ensure your DMS is the central hub for your operations. Integrate your business systems, like Kenect to provide seamless connectivity, better data, and less manual entry.

The Kenect and Motility integration is key!

Cut down customer interaction time by an average of 45 minutes per transaction. No more sitting on the phone, playing phone tag, or leaving voicemails. Get text responses within minutes and see three main benefits:

• Contacts sync to ensure a single source of truth.

• Post conversation histories to provide visibility of the full customer interaction.

• Automatic lead forwarding to capture inbound leads and automatically forward them to Motility.

Join us for a webinar on May 3rd at Noon ET as we dig into the integration. You can also click here for more information. Reap the rewards of both Kenect and Motility. Generate more leads and drive more revenue in 2022!

About the Author:

Lizzy Painter

Director, Marketing at Motility Software

lpainter@motilitysoftware.com |407.848.1493

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Lizzy Painter is the Director, Marketing for Motility Software. Lizzy is responsible for the company’s marketing and communications strategies, as well as overall branding and image. Lizzy maintains over 13 years of enterprise software, product marketing, demand generation, and web design experience. Prior to Motility, she held various Marketing leadership positions at Conga, a global ISV in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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