How to Collect Touch-Free Payments From Customers Via Text

Sep 15
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Business Texting

Customers do not want to touch the card reader, and they don’t want you to touch their cards. Especially now, as businesses are being forced to adapt to social distancing and precautionary measures, touch-free payment for customers is at the front of our minds. Allowing customers to pay by text puts your business at the front of the competition.

Fortunately for businesses, nearly every customer carries a personal payment system in their own pocket: a cell phone. Allow them to pay by text.

Business texting software allows companies to communicate with their customers via text message. Through texting, customers can make payments in your store, at home, or even at the local park. There is no need for you to touch their card, or for them to touch your keypad. Companies that accept text payments are more likely to get paid and more likely to have satisfied customers. Let’s see how to get your company started.

1. Text-enable your current business phone number.

Start using your business phone line to both receive and send text messages with customers. 89% of customers want businesses to communicate with them via text message. So how about we let them do it? Aside from payments, you can send appointment reminders, pictures, special offers, and online review requests.

Companies like Kenect are able to combine all incoming text messages, Facebook messages, and Instagram messages into one inbox. This ensures that no customer falls through the cracks, and each individual can receive a prompt reply.

2. Send customers a secure payment link.

This can be done inside the store, or it can be done remotely. Whether in-person or across the globe, text your customer a payment link the moment they decide to make a purchase.

Payment request link through Kenect

The customer is now able to make a payment in just a few taps. Nearly 60% of the time a payment will be completed within the first 48 hours of receiving the text message. (A much, much quicker rate than email).

3. Get Paid

Once the customer clicks “Pay”, the payment will show up as completed on your platform and record the transaction. The payment will be approved and the funds will be deposited within 24 hours.

4. Track Results

Keep track of which customers have completed their payments and track your results month-by-month.

Kenect payment portal


It's time to accept payments by text message. Allow customers the convenience they demand, you'll be rewarded with loyal customers and a smooth sales process. Amazingly, payments are just the cherry on top. The possibilities with business texting extend immensely with online review generation, appointment scheduling, reminders, special offers, and more. Be sure to schedule a demo to see just how easy it is to start texting payments in your business.

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