How to Increase Revenue and Nurture Leads with Texting

Oct 29
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Business Texting

As digital tools continue to change the way businesses communicate and engage with consumers, B2C marketers are on the hunt for the next ‘big thing’ to break through this noise. Thanks to a growing cultural dependency on smartphones, business SMS marketing and text messaging has slowly but surely become the frontrunner in this innovative space. Here, we’ll look at the second way text messaging can help businesses transform direct-to-consumer communication and increase revenue: creating new leads.

Modern B2C businesses are not only contending with changing consumer expectations, they are also being forced to reckon with new lead sources. Traditionally, putting an email address, phone number, or even website URL on an advertisement was the best way to put potential new consumers in touch with your team. Today, consumer expectations have changed to include texting as a viable source of engagement.

Around 70% of all internet traffic is happening on mobile devices, and texting is a natural next step in mobile communication. Consumers aren’t afraid to text new businesses outright and get the ball rolling quickly. The modern consumer journey is rapidly shrinking, and consumers are making buying decisions faster than ever. They are the ones starting conversations with businesses because, of course, of what they find online and in advertisements.

In order to fully take advantage of the power of inbound text messaging, businesses can:

  • Add a ‘Text Now’ line to all advertisements and marketing campaigns
  • Update online consumer research sites and pages like Yelp, Google, or Facebook with a business texting line
  • Make sure websites include texting language and numbers
  • Build mobile-friendly websites that allow consumers to click on a text message number and automatically open a new text in their messaging app

Text messaging isn’t just great for creating leads. It can also nurture existing customers to help increase revenue. Businesses can use text messages to:

  1. Confirm appointments: Reps can text directly with consumers to schedule and confirm appointments in real-time.
  2. Promote events: Once your best customers are on your mailing list, send a personalized text out announcing an upcoming event and include a link to RSVP.
  3. Announce sales: For retail, consumer equipment, and any other type of B2C business, texting is a great way to announce sales, share promotional codes, and give customers the chance to shop online before others.
  4. Share updates: If a customer has an order on hold, their service is done, or something is ready to be picked up, texting is a fast and easy way to share the news and know for sure that there will be a response.  

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