What are Your Employees Texting to Your Customers?

 |  Business Texting, Reputation Management

In today’s social-crazy, tech-focused economy, online reviews help businesses reach more customers, grow their industry reputation, and close more business. More than 81% of customers use reviews as the first step in making a buying decision, making online reviews as important – or even more so – than word-of-mouth recommendations. While gathering new recommendations and appealing to customers to leave reviews may seem like the responsibility of a marketing or sales person, with something as important as online reviews shouldn’t it be your entire businesses’ responsibility? With a team-focused approach to reviews, your employees can perform at a higher level – and even engage in some friendly competition.

The Kenect business texting and review management platform helps businesses across various industries improve the customer experience, drive more reviews, and bring in new customers through text messages. With Kenect, your team can send personalized text messages to customers asking them to leave reviews or alerting them to any service updates that may be applicable. On the back-end, Kenect allows your team to manage all of your reviews and review requests in a single place, which means managers can see exactly which team members are driving the most reviews. Team leaders can also track how team members are responding to inbound text inquiries. While Kenect is leading the industry in helping businesses drive online reviews, it’s also helping managers rethink how they’re measuring team performance and growth.

Measuring Employee Performance

Having the ability to see how your employees are responding to inquiries is only the tip of the iceberg when using Kenect to monitor employee performance. Texting consumers goes well beyond gathering reviews, and the Kenect platform delivers these insights in a single location. Managers can leverage the Kenect platform to monitor:

  • How well-versed employees are in relaying company messaging to customers
  • Whether or not employees are answering customer’s questions accurately and succinctly
  • Which employees are able to garner the most, and the highest, customer reviews
  • Whether or not any reviews call out specific employees by name or action
  • How employees are responding to online reviews

Having these insights at your fingertips within the Kenect platform can turn measuring employee performance, a traditionally tedious and confusing metric for service-based businesses, into an easy, data-backed metric.

Gamifying Day-to-Day Processes

With access to these metrics and more, managers and business owners can start to implement more exciting, fun strategies to improve employee productivity. People are naturally competitive and when it comes to workplace competitions, ‘Employee of the Month’ isn’t exactly an innovative approach. Instead, team leaders can leverage the data available through Kenect to create a gamified approach to performance. It’s all about drawing on these newfound insights to develop creative, team-driven competitions that position all members of the team in a good light. While there might not be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, there can be a ‘Most Liked Response’ winner or a ‘Queen of 5-Star Reviews’ recipient.

Gamifying employee metrics – and having the ability to actually measure the outcomes of the competitions – gives employees a renewed sense of drive and focus around company goals. Additionally, it creates a fun, social atmosphere of good-natured competition.

If you’re ready to bring a level of innovation and excitement to how you measure employee performance metrics, Kenect is the answer. You can learn more here.