Generate More Leads With WebTexting

Convert More Website Visitors into New Leads

You’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on your website trying to attract new buyers, but how is your conversion rate?  How many leads are you generating from the thousands of visitors that hit your website?  Perhaps you’re missing a simple call to action like “Text Us” and an easy way for customers to contact you.  Why not use the method that 89% of all customers prefer, text messaging?

The days of lengthy “Contact Us” forms are over, especially if they are buried deep within your site.  The average Kenect customer increases new leads generated from their website by over 200% by adding the Kenect “Text Us” widget to every page.  Let us help you convert more of the marketing dollars you are already spending by adding Kenect WebTexting to your website.

It’s simple.  Customers visit your site.  They click on the “Text Us” widget located in the bottom right hand corner of every page.  They select the department or person they would like to text, and they hit “Send.”  You and your team will then be notified of the new message and can respond at your convenience.  You will also have their cell phone number so you can pick up the phone and call.  Customers don’t have to wait on your website for a response.  Your text message response comes directly to their mobile phone.

Intelligent Routing

  • Intelligently route messages to the right person, right location or right department within seconds.
  • No need to send leads to a marketing person to sort through or divvy out.  Send leads to the right person or team immediately and automatically.
  • Dramatically reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Customize the widget with your own wording, colors, locations and departments
  • Each Inbound WebText includes the URL of the page they were visiting on your website, so you know how to respond
  • Get notified in real-time via text, email or desktop notification every time a new lead comes in from your website, so you never miss a message

Capture New Leads After Hours

Many of your customers are working professionals and are viewing your website after hours. This is an ideal time to capture their interest and engage with them. However, most don’t pick up the phone because they assume you are closed.

Adding the Kenect WebTexting widget to your website can dramatically increase the amount of leads you generate after hours. The Kenect “Text Us” widget will be available 24 hours a day on your site, but you don’t need to worry about responding 24 hours a day.

We will custom create an automated text message with you that hits the customer’s phone within seconds of them sending you a message after hours. Here’s a quick example:

“Thank you for texting us.  We are currently closed, but we will respond to your text message first thing in the morning.  We look forward to serving you soon.”

Replace Live Chat

  • Capture the cell phone of the customer every time – no more anonymous leads
  • Don’t outsource your most valuable leads to a third party
  • Dramatically reduce response times – no more email forwarding to multiple parties – your team members will be notified immediately right on their phone
  • No need to “monitor the chat 24/7” – Kenect WebTexting leads are routed automatically to the right person or team within seconds via text message
  • Replace expensive Live Chat services with more effective WebTexting