Careers at Kenect

Sr. Java Engineer

Pleasant Grove

We build Java Spring Boot microservice web applications that run inside of Docker containers in Kubernetes running in Google Cloud Platform. (There, we got the buzzwords out in one sentence). More than that, we are an amazing team made up of amazing people. We love building cool things and are looking for someone to come build with us. We are looking for an experienced engineer with background and insight with these technologies. More specifically we're looking for a forward thinking team member to help us take our approach and product to the next level.

As a senior engineer you will be directly involved in helping to ensure that we are making the best technical tradeoffs. We believe that senior engineers are, indeed, leaders on the team. Our senior engineers help mentor and support junior and mid-level engineers on the team. This happens in many ways (direct mentorship, code reviews, internal training, etc.). We want your input into how you can best contribute. For senior engineers who are too _busy_ doing important things to help the team learn and grow, there are plenty of places for you to find work at larger companies. This probably isn't the best fit (Seriously, no judgement, we're just not going to be a good fit)

An ideal candidate will have:
* Several years of experience working on a SaaS product as a senior engineer
* Experience working in a microservice like architecture
* Experience building production APIs in Java Spring Boot
* Experience running production systems in the cloud
* Strong written and verbal communication skills

Additionally, an ideal candidate would be:
* Eager to learn and grow, while helping other teammates do the same
* Goal oriented
* Self-sufficient
* Entrepreneurial