How Texting Capabilities Can Help Your Business Grow Revenue

 |  Business Texting

When you think of the number one reason that texting has taken over the B2C world as a direct-to-consumer engagement channel, you’re probably thinking of real-time communication. After all, while traditional channels like email and phone calls work, modern consumers are text-savvy creatures and prize real-time, text-based communication over all other channels. Consumers are practically glued to their smartphones, which means people are checking their texts constantly. 90% of all text messages are read within just 3 minutes. If brands really want to ensure their messages are being read, texting is the way to do it.

Additionally, texting is the best way to enter into a two-way conversation with consumers. Customers don’t want to wait around all day waiting for a phone call or constantly check their inbox for an email. They want immediate updates that come with immediate notifications. Customers are 7 times more likely to text back after receiving a text than they are to call back after receiving a voicemail. This two-way communication has become a huge plus for brands to drive new reviews, communicate with customers, and ask follow-up questions.

But there is another way texting capabilities can help your business: by growing revenue. Texting consumers is a real-world way to deliver the customer-first service that today’s consumers want so badly. It shows that your brand is innovative, tech-savvy, and willing to invest in resources that make the customer experience more enjoyable for your toughest critics. Showing your customers that your team is committed to their satisfaction in this way can go far in retaining and bringing in new business.

One of the biggest ways texting can help companies increase revenue is by making it easier to engage with customers right out of the gate. Think of how many times potential prospects visit your brand’s website or Google listing. While your phone number is listed in your contact information, people aren’t always in a place where they can talk on the phone (or they simply don’t want to waste time on a phone call). So, right off the bat, you’ve lost this customer. If customers have the option to text a business directly from a website or Google listing, however, they are more likely to contact them than they are if they have to do it by phone. This goes for anything: asking about hours, issuing a customer service complaint, or even just trying to check in on an order.

If you’re thinking about adding a text-enabled line but don’t want to have to replace all of your existing contact information, don’t worry. Instead of switching out your existing phone line, it’s easy to add on texting capabilities to all your current phone numbers. All you have to do is add a well-placed ‘Text Now’ prompt on your contact page (and update your Google listing content) so that customers know they can text your team directly.

If your customers and prospects know that they can text in questions directly (and receive near-instant replies!) they’re more likely to do business with you and your team. Additionally, this is just another example of superior customer service that will help boost your business’ industry reputation and put you above and beyond the competition.

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