How Text Marketing Can Nurture Your Clients – and Your Business

 |  Business Texting

For many B2C marketers, staying fresh in your consumer’s minds is key. So many buying decisions are now made at the spur of the moment, and if your brand is right there it is safe to say that a purchase might be made in your honor. Staying top of mind isn’t easy, especially in crowded B2C environments where customers might not be making purchases every other day, opting instead for a few large purchases spread out. 

This need to be at the top of the consumers mind is where nurturing and drip programs came into fruition. Many big-name marketing automation platforms are on the market that give businesses the ability to send emails to consumers on a regular basis to share new information, products, and specials. Unfortunately, email is no longer the B2C marketing giant it once was. More consumers are looking for a personal, innovative connection with the brands they support. This is where text message marketing comes into play. 

Kenect, the leader in direct-to-consumer text message marketing, recently launched a new solution that enables B2C businesses to set up long-term strategic nurturing programs all through text messages. Businesses can create text copy and promo codes, schedule sends directly in the Kenect platform, and turn the program on. When a customer or prospects meets the outlined rules, they are sent a text with a specific message. All of the data is captured seamlessly within the Kenect platform with little to no manual effort on the marketing side. 

Text message nurturing and campaigns can help marketers:

Promote events: Let’s say you have a clear the rack event coming up in a few weeks. Instead of bombarding your customers on an already crowded channel like email, you can share the details of the event via text. You can schedule these texts out so they don’t all send at once and to give your customers the top-of-mind experience they want. 

Close deals: Sometimes, a deal just needs some extra context to really push it over the edge. After an in-person meeting, sales pitch, or in-store conversation, brands can send automated texts to consumers to sweeten the deal. Adding in a personalized link or URL to a product page or website can add an element of interaction and engagement to this now-traditional channel of simple, stagnant posts. 

Share promotions: Text marketing nurture campaigns are perfect for brands running a timed promotion or deal at the store. Once you have the dates of a campaign planned out, scheduled the texts in Kenect to get started. You can stagger them out before, during, and after the campaign for the highest conversions. Change the language towards the end to heighten the sense of urgency to get people into your stores. 

So why texts? It’s no surprise that text message marketing has become one of the ‘it’ channels. Text messages have a higher open rate – and a higher engagement rate – than phone calls or emails.  Text message marketing is perfect for those who want to get into social and digital media without going too overboard. 

Learn more: you can learn more about Kenect and the amazing solutions we’re offering clients here